June 2020, 109th edition

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by Dr. Rose Kumar
This webinar will explain female hormones in-depth including why so many women suffer from hormonal issues and reproductive problems. It will also cover how women can transition into menopause easily and safely with the most natural and safe treatments.
Have you visited the new learning platform?  rosekumarmd.com
Wednesday, June 17th at 4pm

The Monthly Jewel
" Haraldur Jonsson says the word "apocalypse" in Greek means to uncover something.  And the lockdown because of COVID-19 was an apocalypse: an uncovering of our smog and smoke, an uncovering of our fragility, our supply chains, the competence or incompetence of governments; revealing to us how health is not an individual issue - because the health of every person on the planet is connected and again connected to the health of the Earth systems.     
-Andri Magnason
Healers or Heroes? You Decide
by Dr. Rose Kumar

In this timely article, Dr. Kumar challenges her readers to think deeply into the cultural constructs placed on physicians (and each other) that camouflage abuse.  This COVID pandemic provides us an opportunity to look behind the curtain of illusion and seek the truth. Read more...
Have You Visited the New Learning Platform?
Dr. Kumar has a new website which is your go to for finding her very informative webinars. Both access to her live webinars and recordings of past ones are available for purchase. Once you make a purchase  you will create an account which you can log into at any time to watch the webinars you have purchased. Take a look at the site and learn something new! rosekumarmd.com

by Dr. Rose Kumar
Cool and delicious - AND good for you! What a treat! Blueberries never looked so good!
Things I Learned From a Brain Tumor
 Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT, RM

This amazing and personal article tenderly leads us to an understanding of what is necessary to be free and filled with peace, clarity and connection.  Given what we are all going through at this time, it's a read you shouldn't pass up. Read more here...

10 Essential Remedies for Summer Outings
By David Johnson, CCH

Many people find they've used homeopathic remedies for acute injuries without even realizing it.  For example, Arnica montana is included in many OTC creams and ointments for treatment of bruises and bumps. Dave provides you with a nice list of remedies that are easily administered and available in most health food stores, some pharmacies and online. Want to get a summer rescue kit together?
Massage Services Are Resuming ! Yay!
By Tammy Winklemen, RN, LMT

It has been a long two months and I am very excited to be once again offering massage and cranio-sacral therapy to clients at Ommani who are free of COVID-19 symptoms.  With re-opening, there will be new changes with protocols and procedures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read this post for more details about scheduling and pricing. Read more...

 By Eric Ehrke, LCSW, LMFT

Trust operates like ballast stabilizing a ship during a storm; it is that quality that gets us through and makes us free. How do we trust during this time of chaos and confusion?  Read more...

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