March 2020, 106th edition

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The Monthly Jewel
Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.  
~ Carl Jung
Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
The current coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19, is on everyone's mind.  Dr. Kumar provides a well-researched article that includes a bevy of information about the virus and how we can protect ourselves from infection.  This is a MUST read!

by Dr. Rose Kumar
Everyone can use a little morning comfort food. Here is a healthy twist on a timeless favorite.
Self-Resposibility...Step Two of the Three Pillars of Self Mastery
 Eric Ehrke, LCSW, LMFT

Last month Eric wrote about self-love.  We create our own reality, but the laws of self-responsibility help us understand our true role in that creative process.  Read on to learn how self-responsibility is a goal that can guide us to the promised land of peace, love and harmony. Read here...

  Feel Great This Spring!   
Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT, RM

 Read on to learn simple and safe ways to prepare and protect your body as you move outside after the long Winter to enjoy the upcoming Spring season. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Read on here.
Hear from David Johnson


Watch this first of David's video selfie to be introduced to the practice of homeopathy. 
What can homeopathy do for you?

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