May 2019, Issue 96

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The Monthly Jewel
The real crime is to stay unconscious.
- James Hollis
The Power of a Symbol: Notre Dame on Fire
Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
We are living in a time that requires us to undergo a transformation of the old, outworn, adapted patterns.  The burning of the iconic Cathedral of Notre Dame, an extraordinary symbol of the Feminine built during a time when feminine values were completely disregarded, suggests a message of need to return to what is of integrity, wholeness, and truth.  It's not just a matter of rebuilding, but of deeply considering the symbolic message this loss urgently offers us.

by Dr. Rose Kumar

Beyond My Comfort Level II
Boris Matthews, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.

How do we know what is shadow for us? Our reactions to other people (especially our negative reactions) provide a mirror in which we see what we are not.  We often condemn in others what we ourselves unconsciously do. We need to raise our awareness and grow into more mature human beings who recognize our best and lesser gifts.  That can only be done if we step outside of our "comfort zone."

The Fire at Notre Dame
Eric Ehrke, LCSW,LMFT

The Cathedral of Notre Dame has housed incredible beauty and witnessed extreme religious
savagery during the eight hundred years of its existence. The challenge before us all is to re-
build the cathedral and our world without the religious intolerance and inhumanity that
dominated the Middle Ages.

RN Describes Her Intro to Homeopathy
David Johnson, CCH

Watch this YouTube video offered by a RN explaining her care for eczema.  The homeopathic consultation includes surprising questions that aren't typical in a medical evaluation, but are important to understand what's core to your personally type.  Homeopaths aren't just treating symptoms, they're matching remedies to the individual with the condition, not just the condition alone - a very important difference.

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