November 2019

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Beg.- Int. Yoga with Shelly Carpenter
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The Monthly Jewel
Where women are honored, there the gods are pleased.
~Manusmriti 356: 100 CE
Protect Your Brain
Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
This article has been brought back by popular demand.  The fact that half of us, if we live into our eighties, will be impacted by some form of dementia is an overwhelming statistic. Equally as amazing is proof that much can be done through simple diet, and lifestyle choices to mitigate that statistic.  This article is filled with links to current research data supporting treatment protocols used by Dr. Kumar over the past twenty years.  Take the time to protect your brain and read on...

by Dr. Rose Kumar

25 Reasons To Get A Massage
Tammy Winkleman, RM,LMT

Massage isn't only about relaxation. If you have a sore muscle, you self-massage; in other words, you're performing therapeutic massage on yourself.  There are many medical reasons to get a massage.  Don't bypass this simple article. It includes a link to an American Massage Therapy Assn article with hard science to explain the many benefits of massage therapy.  Read more...
Practicing Gratitude (with guided meditation)
Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT, RM

In this month of Thanksgiving, we think of gratitude. Experiencing and sharing gratitude can have life changing impact for the good.  We can practice gratitude in many ways, but a positive way to start is with a gratitude meditation.  Shelley provides us with guidance and a YouTube video to support our personal Gratitude Meditation. Read more and get the link...
How Energy Moves Between People (Part 1)
 Eric Ehrke, LCSW, LMFT

Energy travels through the space-time continuum instantly through intention, quantum physics and manifestation principals. Discovered by Nicola Tesla & James Maxwell, the existence of this energy is still debated in scientific communities. But evidence is available showing that scalar (scientific name for the energy) waves exist. They help to explain why/how emotional waves can take-hold and influence individuals, people, groups and/or countries. Read More...
Thanksgiving Closing 
The Ommani Center will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday beginning at Noon on Wednesday, November 27 through Monday morning, Dec 2 at 8:30AM.

Be Sure Your Prescription Medications are Ordered in Advance.

If you have a prescription medication that needs to be refilled during that time, be sure to contact your pharmacy and have them fax the refill order to our office (Fax# 262.695.9744) by November 26.  It's important that you always start with your pharmacy, but if you should have a problem, don't hesitate to contact our office and request assistance from our clinical staff.


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