September 2017, Issue 76
The Monthly Jewel
Wisdom is the comforter in all psychic suffering....where there is bitterness, wisdom is lacking, and where wisdom is, there can be no bitterness.   ~  C.G. Jung

Harvesting Our Truth
Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
Our identity has become enmeshed with our roles, jobs, possessions, and friends. We confuse the superficiality of our persona with who we really are. When changes occur, as they will and do, we feel stressed, depressed, anxious, angry, fearful, and lose our way.  Dr. Kumar provides insight into how we can use the  impulse of the harvest season to 'harvest' our own true nature or authentic self. Read More...


Three Ways to Wellness
 with Maryanne Riege
Certified Nutrition Health Coach

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Wednesday, October 4th at Noon
Friday, October 13th from 7pm-9pm

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The Fascinating Other

Boris Matthews, Ph.D., LCSW

We fall in love, we fall out of love - what is really going on here?  When our beloved isn't quite what we thought,  is that because they've changed...or has our perception changed?  Boris provides an intriguing look at how we can embrace the change in a relationship developing positive changes in ourselves.   Read More...

Addition to Our Staff...Please Apply or Pass Along

We are looking to expand our front desk/scheduling staff and are seeking a motivated, experienced (preferably EPIC or another EMR platform) staff person to become an integral part of our practice.  Take a look at our job posting and send an email of interest to; otherwise please pass it along to anyone you think may be interested in and qualified to join our group of incredible and dedicated employees.  We sincerely appreciate your interest and assistance in spreading the word. Read more...

Accupuncture and Pain Management

Aimee Brown, LAc, MSOM

 The Food and Drug Administration released proposed changes in May, 2017 to educate health care providers about treating pain - and those guidelines now recommend acupuncture and chiropractic therapies to help patients avoid prescription opioids. Read More...

Patient Goals, Part 1:  
Getting Off Your Meds 

Genevie Kocourek, M.D.

 Is it possible to be Rx free?  Dr. Kocourek welcomes patients who wish to be free of their prescription medications. Learn what she has to say about the safe way to do so. Read More...

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