February 2021, 117th edition
The Monthly Jewel
"Nothing endangers the unconscious more in a man than a successful life.  It makes him forget his dependence on the unconscious." 
~Carl Jung

The Need to Return Home to our Inner Life: Lessons from the Pandemic 
Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
Our Inner Life, our Deep Self, is a forgotten foundational part of us.  Our society's focus on the external has displaced our need to align with the inner, where health and meaning lies. In fact, ignoring this is the root of all illness. Read on as you gain an understanding of the difference between the inner and the outer life and the importance of returning to our foundational Self for health and wholeness.  

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This is a savory flavorful dish that gets easier to make with practice. It is warming and nourishing and provides cleansing, immune boosting and antioxidant benefits.  
The Next Webinar at ROSEKUMARMD.COM
Webinar February 12th
Webinar February 12th

"Hormone Imbalance Can Affect Your Health: How to Reclaim Your Balance "
February 12th at 11am CST
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This webinar will explore the hormonal imbalances that plague women commonly beginning at age 35 and lasting through their 50's. These imbalances can result in physical and emotional symptoms that not only cause distress but can develop into disease. Dr. Kumar will discuss  the importance of correctly orienting oneself through this passage. Correct orientation including balancing hormones  and attending to meaning can help you to reclaim physical and emotional health and prevent future and current disease states. Click the title to take you to the purchase page.

Eric Ehrke, LCSW, LMFT
What are the root causes of terrorism and how do we best confront them?  How do we work through our fear and transform our projections?  Read on about how to reframe society's  definitions of fear and victimization so we can make more conscious choices to respond effectively.  This may even have the power to transform terrorism.

Homeopathic Remedies for Bones
Dave Johnson, CCH
Homeopathy as a clinical modality is misunderstood and underutilized in our medical culture but can provide relief at many levels.  Read about how bone pain can be addressed and resolved homeopathically. It is a simple yet powerful medicine.

  Stand in Your Light
 Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT, RM
In the face of fear and stress, how do we stay aligned with our 'Light?' This is the seat of our life force, our Soul, where our integrity and goodness lies.  Reminders about how to access our Deep Self is what is expressed in this article. Read more...

  American Heart Month
 Joy Lenz, RD CD
With heart disease month underway, our plant-based dietician underscores the importance of a plant-based diet with delightful recipes that are not only heart healthy but delicious.  Bon Appetit! Read more...

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