January 2017, Issue 67v2
This is the corrected version of the January 2017 newsletter. Our apologies to Boris' Matthews and his readers - his link to his article was inadvertently omitted. 
The Monthly Jewel
"The New Year is not something before us, it something hidden within us trying to find the light. Don't wait for the right gift to be given to you. Look inside instead and find the Holy message trying to be opened." ~  Michael Meade

Honoring the Gifts of Loss

Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
Dr. Kumar's poignantly written essay reminds us that loss can provide us with the opportunity to review life memories and embrace the gift of perspective they bring.  The profound potential of such life examination offers the transformation from an adapted to authentic self and the blessing of a life consciously lived. Read here...

Acupuncture, Flu, and the Common Cold

Aimee Brown, LAc, MSOM

 It's a common misconception that colds, sore throats, and flu have to run their course. The Chinese have used acupuncture and herbal treatments to build the immune system and alleviate nagging symptoms for thousands (yes, thousands) of years. Those same treatments can be used preventatively to avoid the occurrence of cold or flu.  A brief acupuncture treatment plan protocol can make the difference of a debilitating cold &  flu season  or one of robust health and vitality. Read more...

 Take Care of Your Roots, Then the Sky's the Limit 

Shelley Carpenter, PT, RMT, RYT

Shelley shares her experience of "nature as teacher" during her trip to Olympic National Park which reminds her of the chakra system that underpins so much of her work. Working with and restoring balance in the root chakra is vital to our wellbeing.  Shelley offers simple techniques to jump start efforts to strengthen your root chakra support. Read more...

The Ommani Center is pleased to welcome
Dr Kocourek Full-Time

We are pleased to announce beginning this month our own Genevie Kocourek, MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine, has transferred her Trinity Integrative Family Medicine practice to The Ommani Center on a full-time basis.  She will see patients Tuesday through Friday, with some Mondays available for urgent care situations. Her practice is open to infants (from age 0) and children, as well as senior adults.  

A New Year's Resolution We Can All Live With

Genevie L. Kocourek, M.D.

Be kind to yourself...first.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. Dr. Kocourek prescribes six different ways to keep this resolution as a daily practice. It's a prescription to follow! Read more...
Homeopathy Defined & Explained

David Johnson,
Certified Classical Homeopath
Not only our physical, but our emotional bodies are an integral part of our experience of stress and imbalance which leads to illness. How does it feel? What is this like? Are questions asked by a homeopath with respect to illness in an attempt to see the complete experience that has put us in the "stuck" position that results in our symptoms or illness. To understand the true basics of the homeopathic approach you must read this article. It will surprise and inform you in unexpected ways. Read more...
Keep Your New Year's Resolution. 
Have a Massage!

Leslie Jaeschke, 
Licensed Massage Therapist

So many New Year resolutions center on health and exercise. A fast approach to renewed intentions for a healthy lifestyle is almost certainly a recipe for failure. Learn how to give your body a fighting chance by approaching your new routines gradually. Follow Leslie's suggestions for a gentle approach that honors your body AND read about the benefits of a regular massage to keep you on your positive resolution path. Read more...
Maryanne Riege 
Recognized for her work!
Certified Nutrition Health Coach

We are pleased to announce that our Holistic Health Coach, Maryanne Riege, CHHC, was recognized by the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance for her work in educating her patients on the relationship between wellness and healthy skin.  Read on to see what the NAA has to say about Maryanne and her work.  Read more...

Boris Matthews, PhD

What do you really want?  What do you desire?  If you get what you want, does its possession live up to your expectations?  Boris uses his own "confessions" to ruminate over a theme he sees in his life - Desire  - in the hope that doing so will help all of us access and work with our own life's theme.  Hopefully, a task that will set your New Year on a trajectory toward blessings and revelations. Read more...

Our Wish for a Wonderful New Year to all our patients and friends

May 2017 bring you peace of mind, 
a greater understanding of your worth 
and an open heart.

from The Ommani Center

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