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Issue 52, September 2015

A Pill for Libido, Really?
Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.

As an internist who sees hundreds of women in the second half of life, I am all too familiar with women's waning libidos. Having gone through menopause myself, I have personally experienced the power that changing hormones have on many psychological and bodily functions that the younger me took for granted. As an integrative physician, I am always searching for causes of symptoms and for natural and integrative ways to treat and heal them. Our society sees a waning libido as a pathological symptom. Viewing our aging bodies as pathological is where our problem truly lies. 

Pregnant? You Need a Massage!
Leslie Jaeschke, LMT

Prenatal massage is therapeutic bodywork that focuses on and accommodates the special needs of the mom-to-be as her body goes through the miraculous changes of pregnancy. It relieves the aches and pains of a growing belly, relaxes foot and lower leg muscles from the extra body weight, relieves mental and physical fatigue, and nurtures the mom-to-be. Prenatal massage not only eases the discomforts of pregnancy, but also helps the mom-to- be prepare for labor by way of allowing the body to relax easier through focused breath and a calm mind. Research has shown that prenatal massage can be instrumental in women's prenatal care. 

Yoga Teacher Interviewed

The September issue of Natural Awakenings includes an article about our yoga teacher, Shelley Carpenter. The article covers an overview of Shelley's biography and her journey to become a yoga teacher.  She is a wonderful practitioner who not only provides group yoga classes here at Ommani, but also offers individual therapeutic yoga sessions.  She is also a Physical Therapist and Reiki Master, offering those services in addition to yoga practice.  Here's a link to the  Community Spotlight article .  Call our office at 262.695.5311 to schedule an appointment with Shelley.

Boris Matthews, PhD: C.G. Jung Institute Film Series in Chicago

We are proud to announce that our own Boris Matthews, PhD will be leading a workshop in Chicago on Friday, September 25th from 1-4PM using the 1993 film,  Groundhog Day, as the framework to discuss the bullet points of Jungian therapy: namely that life tends toward self-actualization, depending upon one's ability to perceive and modify behaviors. Learn more here.  To schedule a private appointment with Boris call us at 262.695.5311.   
On September 18, 10AM-1PM,  Boris will be part of a free, panel discussion at the Jung Institute in Chicago entitled,  Getting to Know Jung: Three Key Concepts.  This talk is also available free of charge online. Learn more here.
Both events are open to the public, you do not need to be a therapist, student, or person receiving Jungian therapy to attend.  We encourage anyone interested in Jungian analysis to participate.

Flu Shot Notice
This is the time of year when our electronic medical record system automatically sends patients flu shot reminders.  Please know that the doctors at The Ommani Center handle flu vaccines on an individual patient basis.  The vaccine is not provided at our Center.  We recommend that you check with your doctor regarding the vaccine and/or if you have the shot at another facility, please have that facility notify us so your medical record at Ommani accurately reflects whether you've received the vaccine.

OB/GYN Speciality Care at Ommani
Don't forget, if you're in need of an Obstetric or Gynecological specialist, Dr. Anthony Hoang, M.D. is accepting new patients here at Ommani.  Dr. Hoang is Board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology and has been in practice for more than 18 years.  His areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: Routine & Complete Obstetrical & Gynecological Services, Advanced Laparoscopy, Birth Control, Gynecologic Cancer Screening, Incontinence, Infertility Evaluation, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Pelvic Pain, Prenatal, Delivery, & Post-Partum Care, Urogynecology.  Call our office at 262.695.5311 to schedule an appointment.



Patients often sing our praises when they are here at the office. We sincerely appreciate your kind words and would love to make those comments available to others Please send testimonial comments about your favorite provider to: [email protected]. The testimonials will be posted on the provider's website page. Thank you. 

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