September 2020, 112th edition
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"Make your interactions with people transformational, not just transactional.   
~ Patti Smith
COVID19 As a Call To Shift Our Paradigm in Medicine
Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
Dr. Kumar tells us COVID19 is a lifestyle virus.  She suggests the challenge of COVID is offering us an opportunity to transform the current medical paradigm. Read on to learn how a shift in our perception and lifestyle choices can provide a foundation of health that will support our bodies under the stress of this unprecedented disease. Read more here...
 Listen to Dr. K on the Flower lounge Podcast

EP 161: How Life Initiates Us with Dr. Rose Kumar | Flowerlounge Podcast with Katie Hess
EP 161: How Life Initiates Us with Dr. Rose Kumar | Flowerlounge Podcast with Katie Hess
Next in our Webinar Series

Wednesday, September 16th at 4pm 
Understanding and Supporting the Gut Brain Connection

Join Dr. Kumar for the next in her series Understanding and Supporting the Gut-Brain Connection, Our Main Highway for Health and Vitality, to understand how the gut and brain are connected and how to maximize the health of this most vital communication system.  Find out why we have so many brain disorders in today's world, how food impacts your brain and nervous system, and how you can keep your gut healthy to prevent and reverse disease.  Dr. Kumar will explain complex research that confirms the powerful connection between these two systems and provide you with practical guidelines that can restore and rejuvenate your health, your mood, and your focus. 

One of my favorite recipe books and websites is Sarah Britton's My New Roots 

I am excited to share this with you and am featuring a nourishing and nutritious vegan and gluten free recipe that is comforting in any season.  Dr. Rose Kumar
Heart and Soul Maintenance 
Eric Ehrke, LCSW, LMFT

Our soul holds the pure loving essence of who we are until our heart is strong enough to release the illusions our intellect created in its attempt to survive the trauma. Read on as Eric provides an approach to maintain our heart and soul as we deal with the unique challenges of this time period. Read here...
The 24 Solar Terms for Life Nourishing - White Dew (September 7 - 22)
Chunchieh Bruce Sun, CAc, MSOM, Dipl OM
White Dew, one of the 24 solar terms, is the transitional period between summer and autumn. Bruce's gentle descriptions make us aware of the special respiratory issues that develop during this term.  He offers dietary suggestions to ease our discomfort with the changing season. READ MORE...
WELCOME to The Ommani Center 
Chunchieh Bruce Sun, CAc, MSOM, Dipl OM

Chunchieh (Bruce), is the founder of Sun Wellness Care (2002) and has worked as a revered acupuncturist for over a decade.  He is the campus director of East-West Healing Arts Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bruce joins us with a wealth of training education and experience. He is a licensed/certified acupuncturist in Illinois and Wisconsin, is a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, and has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the Midwest Collect of Oriental Medicine. He was certified in 2015 as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 

Bruce's regular schedule will be Mondays and Fridays from 10AM to 7PM. You can schedule an acupuncture appointment by calling our office at 262.695.5311.  If you have questions our staff will be happy to assist you; or if you would like to speak with Bruce in advance of care, we will be happy to arrange a conversation.

  A COVID story  
Offered by Genevie Kocourek, M.D. 

Dr. Kocourek offers a patient's compelling story of this debilitating disease.  Told in her own words, the patient shares an intimate journey of awareness and suffering. Read this first hand account.

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