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July 5, 2022

What is Gut-Brain Health?

By Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.

What is the real power of a Healthy Gut? As an integrative medicine physician, I stay current with scientific research relevant to patient health in my clinical practice. Over the past two decades, I began seeing an increasing incidence of hormonal and immune dysregulations in my patients. Also, autoimmune diseases, depression, anxiety, and obesity began showing up in unprecedented numbers.



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Understanding the Gut-Brain Connection

Dr. Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D. 

Join Dr. Kumar in Understanding the Gut-Brain Connection, Our Main Highway for Health and Vitality, to understand how the gut and brain are connected and how to maximize the health of this most vital communication system. Find out why we have so many brain disorders in today’s world, how food impacts your brain and nervous system, and how you can keep your gut healthy to prevent and reverse disease.

Dr. Kumar will explain complex research that confirms the powerful connection between these two systems and provide you with practical guidelines that can restore and rejuvenate your health, your mood, and your focus. 


Dr. Kumar's Recipe

Gluten Free Waffles


TCM Body Clock XI

Chunchieh Bruce Sun, Cac., MSOM, Dipl OM

The Gallbladder Meridian originates from the outer corner of the eye and divides into two branches: One branch goes to the ear, then runs externally and laterally on the side of the head alternating back and forth from the front hairline to the back of the head until it curves behind the ear near the hairline, then runs downward past the top of the shoulder, at the front of the body on the lateral side of rib cage and abdomen, until it ends up at the side of the hip. The other branch enters the cheek and runs downward internally downward, through the neck and connects with the gallbladder, then continues downward and emerges from the lower abdomen to connect at the hip with the other branch. 


Something Dies Inside When We Believe Our Lies

Eric Ehrke, LCSW, LMFT

During dark times, transformation is needed. Changing minority rule to equal rights for all is daunting at times. Perhaps we can learn something about change from the Wizard of Oz himself after Toto pulled back the curtain. The background information about the wizard comes from Frank Buam’s original book. 


What is the CranioSacral rhythm?

Emily Klik, LMT, CST

In a previous article, I introduced you to the Craniosacral rhythm (CSR), a subtle physiological rhythm arising from the production and flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the delicate tissue of our brain and spinal cord. While not as obvious as our heartbeat or breath, the CSR can be felt and evaluated just like these other rhythms and used to gain information about a client’s present and past health history. I use this rhythm during every session to gain information about their soft-tissue restrictions, to gauge the depth of release as it is occurring, and to evaluate when a release has been completed.


Three Levels of Use for Homeopathic Remedies

Dave Johnson, CCH

Homeopathic remedies can be used for a broad range of problems. For many of these problems, remedies are relatively easy to learn and begin using, and are available in homeopathic remedy displays at health food stores, co-ops, or on-line.  



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