Wit and Wisdom 196 | November 2017
The One Thing That Gurus Don't Tell You About
Finding Joy and Success
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Who is your guru du jour? Are you, quite literally, hot foot from a Tony Robbins fire walking challenge? Has it stood you in good stead to deal with the drudgery of the everyday; the killer commute, psycho boss, stubborn waist wedge?

Have you tried Oprah and Deepak's meditation for a more abundant life or been steered by starlight with Martha Beck? I know, I've been there and dipped my cranial crudité in to these delicious offers too.
Many of us are seeking answers. The secret you seek to everlasting joy and understanding could very well be found in a personal development book or a weekend spent scouring your soul with Epsom salts and algae smoothies.

The thing is all of it works and, here's the rub, none of it works. It's what lands with you that day and gets a bit of movement and change going. There are gurus galore and, between you and me, I’m no slouch when it comes to this life change stuff I can exclusively reveal. I'm not self sabotaging my success here in case you're wondering.
But there is ONE secret to all this understanding of life, happiness and riches galore that the better-life Brahman and gnomes of knowledge rarely tell you.

You may be seeking a salve for your vice-like need to control, a quick fix for karmic contentment or a “just add water” wafer of absolution with a room full of fellow high-fivers or Om-mitters but the bad news is you won’t find it there. Well not the whole deal anyway.

If you want to re-calibrate your psychic and spiritual sat nav there's no need to book early for a gig at the O2 or burn your soles while soul searching; you just need to look inwards. I know, bit of a ‘tah-dah’ let down wasn't it?

All the pain, avoidance and fear we experience as part of our human condition can be eased and aided by folk like us, coaches and teachers who can support you and help you get perspective and clarity. The real answer however is already within you.

Coaches and the like can help look at the “why” and give you tips on the most important “how” and hopefully get you to the “who” which is where you come in. There are a million recipes for success and happiness but none of it will work until you do some internal journeying and line up the fresh ingredients to make it happen.

Doing inner work pays off.  When you know yourself, you will have greater clarity. You know what you want - instead of the lengthy and so deliciously and urgently delivered list of what you don't wants and you feel more confident.

You forgive yourself easily and give things a go for the sheer joy and curiosity of it, you show yourself compassion and take life lightly. You develop resilience and bouncebackability and see the joy in simple things. You dare to be vulnerable and things resonate on a deeper level when they are right for you and you get the zippety back in your do-dah day.
Finding THE answer isn't like spotting a dish you've been waiting for on a sushi belt as it zips past on the conveyor belt of life. You do the inner work, you spot the dish and it finds you with effortless ease.

Here are a few simple steps to be getting on with on your own or with the support of your coach.
  • Get that if you want joy every day you have to find joy in the everyday. That means creatively seeking the beauty, relishing the imperfect and finding gratitude in small things.

  • Notice the infinite beauty of nature – seeing your breath on a cold day, birdsong, frosted grass or the smell of autumn.

  • Realign your life around your values. Know and live your values and you know when you are as life feels more effortless and right.  Choose to align your values with your vision for your life.

  • What gives you a sense of purpose? Being of service to others? Creative writing? Making someone laugh?  Do it more.

  • Let go of perfectionism. It's pointless and gets you stuck.

  • Try action instead of overthinking.

  • Truly understand that everything you need to have joy and success is 100% within you. Nothing is missing.

  • Say this over and over – "I am more than good enough".

  • Trust yourself a lot more than you are currently doing. 
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