One year ago, a ferocious series of fires tore through Napa Valley and the North Bay.

More than 1,300 structures were damaged in our community, including 653 homes that were completely destroyed.  

Seven people lost their lives and 70,000 acres were charred in what is still — after another year of unprecedented wildfire activity in California — the most destructive firestorm in our state’s history.

For the last twelve months, Napa Valley Community Foundation has been working in partnership with thousands of donors and dozens of nonprofits to help fire survivors.

We hope you’ll take a moment to read the report, below, about what’s been accomplished so far, and our plans moving forward.

·       To read about what’s been accomplished so far , please see pages 5-8
·       To learn about our plans moving forward , please see pages 9-10
·       To read the stories of some of those we’ve helped , please see pages 11-14 .

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