April  2019
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It has been a great 2019 onion season around Dixondale Farms, and we would like to give a shout out to all of our employees for the countless hours they put in to ensure your onions arrived to you on time!

This month we wanted to touch on some marketing tips for those customers who will be marketing their crops in the coming months. Read on for some tips on increasing your onion sales.

Happy Onion Growing,

Bruce "The Onionman" and Jeanie Frasier
Marketing Tactics for Selling More Onions
When considering the best way to market your onions, we should first embrace more ways to use this wonderful commodity. We are consuming slightly more onions than we were 10 years ago; the per capita consumption has raised to about 20 pounds. 

Red onions are becoming more popular and sweet onions are the mainstream staple. Yellow cooking onions are still the number one choice because so many recipes call for them. Yellow onions account for roughly 85% of the market, reds are approaching 10%, and white onions come in last at 5% of sales.

Onion Placement
Research shows anyone purchasing a sweet onion is 5.6 times more likely to have peppers in their basket, as well. The other items likely to be purchased along with the sweet onion are celery, mushrooms, squash, herbs/spices, or carrots. Also, placing sweet onions close to the salad ingredients shows increased sales. Another location that will produce increased sales is with the condiments and grilling meats to produce an easy meal solution. 

Tell Your Story
Promoting the story behind the onions will produce results. Let the customers know what variety the onion is so they become educated on how to use certain varieties. Use signage to identify variety, flavor, and what use would be best. Consumers want to know who, what, when, and where their food comes from. Capitalize on this! Consumer love knowing their onions are grown locally.

Packaging Onions
Packaging of onions can increase sales also. Consider 3-5 lb bags of cooking onions, especially at the start of the month when consumers with money for the new month often use this as their stock-up shopping trip. Consumers can be confident that the onions will store for an entire month. Consider using one of our onion mesh nettings and selling four or five onions already prepared for hanging in their garage or ventilated area. You can also sell onions in 5, 10, 25, or 50 lbs storage bags

Bundling green onions early in the season is an easy way to keep onions for sale all season long, even before your bulb onions come off. This makes it easy for the consumer to grab a bunch and go.

Unique Products
Consider offering a unique onion product such as shallots, leeks, or Red Torpedo Tropea onions. Consumers often look for eye catching products that may be a conversation piece. 
As farmers' markets increase throughout the country, growers should continue to look for new ways to market their produce.  Be creative with how you display and market your onions! Farmers' markets are a great place to show off the story behind your onions and build a great customer base.

Have more questions about marketing your onions? Contact Customer Service at (830) 876-2430 or email [email protected].
From Our Friends
Oregon customer, Angela Andre, wrote us when she placed her 2019 onion plant order. Angela wrote, " Ordering onions was on the to do list for today. So great to see your reminder to order email; made it super easy.   Attached is a picture of a couple of our Walla Walla from last year.
Love your stuff; the shallots and torpedoes are great sellers at our farm stand. Thanks for supplying such a great product!" 

The picture below is of Angela's granddaughter, Claire, with her "bragging onions" that she proudly displays at her farm stand.

We appreciate Angela and Claire sharing their onion growing success with us and wish them another great season in 2019!

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Featured Products
We offer numerous products to help you fertilize and protect your onions. All our 
fertilizers  and  weed-and-feed products  come in resealable 4 lb. and 12 lb. bags.

Start your plants off right with our  Dixondale Farms Onion Special 10-20-10  to help establish their root systems. Our unique fertilizer is blended to include all of the micro-nutrients that onions require for optimal bulb formation. Both 4 lb. and 12 lb. bags are available.  4 lb. bags start at $19.95.


Once your plants are established, feed them  Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer 21-0-0   to maximize growth and bulbing potential. This will help your onions generate more foliage and, therefore, more rings and larger bulbs. Both 4 lb. and 12 lb. bags are available. 4 lb. bags start at $19.95.

Mancozeb Keep your onion plants disease free. We offer  Mancozeb Fungicide with Zinc to help control diseases such as downy and powdery mildew, blight, neck rot, and botrytis. This product is a broad spectrum, protectant fungicide that prevents fungal and bacterial spores from forming on your leaves. Spray this product as a protectant on a weekly basis 3 weeks after planting up until 2 weeks before harvest. Use as  needed in the event of wet weather.  One pint starts at $19.95.


Protect your organic onion crops with  OxiDate Organic Fungicide. OxiDate offers powerful disease control by killing fungal and bacterial spores on contact while remaining eco-friendly. May be used as a preventative and curative treatment on any type of fruit or vegetable. OMRI listed for organic production. 32 fl. oz. starting at $18.95.
Around the Farm

With the 2019 wrapping up soon, all of us at Dixondale Farms will soon put on our "cantaloupe hats". Here is our youngest cantaloupe field. Check back next month for a harvest update!


Cooking with Onions
Oklahoma Fried Onion Burgers

  • 1 large onion cut in half (pole to pole) and thinly sliced
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 pound (16 ounces) 93% lean ground beef
  • 1 Tablespoon unsalted butter
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil
  • 4 slices sharp Cheddar cheese or American cheese
  • 4 hamburger buns lightly buttered and toasted
  1. Toss onions with 1 teaspoon of salt. Place in wire mesh strainer set over a bowl. Allow to drain for 30 minutes. Transfer onions to clean dish towel, and squeeze dry.
  2. Divide onion mixture into 4 separate piles on rimmed baking sheet. Form beef into 4 lightly packed balls; place on top of onion piles. Flatten beef firmly so the onion adheres and the patties measure 4 inches in diameter.
  3. Melt the butter with oil in 12-inch non stick skillet over medium heat. Using a spatula, carefully transfer the patties to the skillet, onion side down. Cook until the onions are golden brown and begin to crisp around edges, 8 to 10 minutes. Carefully flip the burgers. Increase the heat to high, and cook the burgers until well browned and second side, 2 to 3 minutes. Place 1 slice of cheese on each bottom bun. Place the burgers on buns, onion side up. Add desired toppings, and serve.
Yields: 4 Oklahoma Fried Onion Burgers

Thanks to Pudge Factor for this great onion recipe! If you have an onion recipe you'd like us to share, please email it to  [email protected] .
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