September, 2018
"When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It's very simple." -- Paulo Coelho
The Highlights
The Online Record Book (ORB) is a web platform that allows participants to record their activities and submit their Awards. It also allows Award Leaders to monitor participants’ progress and approve submitted Awards.
We are so excited to work alongside Youth Central as they do some more amazing work with youth in Calgary!
Youth Central is a nonprofit organization in Calgary that inspires, engages, and celebrates youth through community participation. Our purpose is to encourage youth to participate in shaping a vibrant community.

Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) is Youth Central's largest program. We partner with over 100 local nonprofit agencies to provide over 700 volunteer opportunities every year to youth ages 12-18. Every volunteer project is supervised by a Youth Central staff member, and is comprised of six or more youth volunteers - thus, a great way to meet new people and make friends! There is no minimum commitment required - sign up for as many or as few projects as you’d like and select the dates/times/project types that work for you.
Duke of Ed Youth Committee of Calgary
What is the Duke of Edinburgh’s Youth Committee of Calgary?

At the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award - Alberta, we are missing a critical voice at the table: Your voice. The voice of youth.

Are you passionate about and willing to share your experience, knowledge, and skills to improve the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Calgary?

Are you interested in a leadership opportunity that will serve you in your future career as well as Volunteer Hours towards your Award?

Deadline is September 28th
Look there! They are going digital
Beakerhead brings people together at the crossroads of art, science and engineering.

Year-round programming culminates in a five-day citywide spectacle with more than 60 events centred around delightfully bizarre engineered installations and artworks.
Who should attend?

Everyone! It doesn't get any more inclusive than this. Social and cultural barriers, be gone.

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Outdoor Survival

Learn how and why emergency situations develop, and how to proactively avoid these situations in the first place. The format is a 1-evening class with a weekend overnight component. We'll cover survival psychology, pre-planning and emergency response, a review of environmental medical emergencies, clothing and equipment considerations, options for shelter-building, fire-starting skills, signalling methods, water purification techniques and the role of nutrition.
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Physical Recreation
Adventurous Journey
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