...you might see a bit of super hero cape peeking out from his shirt Ken shared the most incredible story of resilience, compassion and commitment in helping the Wilson family (name changed for privacy) move from homeless to home.

Ken explained, “When I met the Wilson family they were at an all-time low in their lives. They had been renting a home which had fallen into disrepair through no fault of their own. With a leaking roof and other repairs needed to pass a HUD inspection , the landlord refused to do the necessary fixes or renew their lease, which meant this caring family of nine would be out on the street.”

He continued, “The Wilson’s were resourceful, selling off household items to pay creditors as they tried to find a new place to live. This was no easy task for a family of nine who needed to find a home that would be safe for two adults and seven children, and that would be willing to accept a housing voucher With nowhere left to turn and nowhere to live, the Wilson’s turned to FACETS and entered our Next Steps Family Shelter in Alexandria."

The family could breathe a sigh of relief as they were able to stay together as Ken worked day and night to find them a place to call home.  The Wilson’s worked with our FACETS Housing Specialist, filling in the many forms needed to receive a housing voucher and other services that would help them open the door to a brighter future.

We never gave up on this courageous family and were able to work with a landlord who could see what we saw…loving parents who had hit a bump in the road, but who were not going to let that define them and who were determined to make a better life for their seven children.

“The other thing that defines the Wilson family” says Ken “is how truly grateful they are for all of the help they have received." From donated household items for their new home, to help with car repairs so they are able to be better employed and their caring FACETS team at Next Steps, the Wilsons are deeply grateful as they open the door to their new home and make new memories together.

Your gift to FACETS is the gift of hope for families like the Wilsons who want what we all want…a safe place to call home.