We get it. As numbers rise all over, it may feel like you’ll never again be able to share your passion for discovery, exploration and the pure joy of soaking up the open road with your readers. But wait. In this issue of The Open Road with Travel South USA, you’ll find ideas to let your imagination soar over some of the South’s most beautiful scenic byways and drives. Whether by car, motorcycle, RV or bicycle, our state tourism offices have collected a plethora of story ideas to get readers’ motors running for future travel. Yes. We all WILL travel again and Every Day, We Are One Day Closer . In the meantime, we hope these ideas and our new press room will help your livelihood stay afloat during these challenging days by providing trustworthy curated content you may share with your audience if you so choose. Thank you again for all you do.

We’re in this together. Travel South USA wants to support your work by sharing story ideas from our 12 Travel South USA state tourism offices in this newsletter. Each piece links to that state’s new TSUSA Media Room with contact information, photographs and other assets we hope you may find helpful.