September 26, 2017

Vol. I No. 1


Opioid Epidemic

Against a backdrop of news headlines about the impact that the opioid epidemic is having on U.S. life expectancy, hospital admissions and emergency room utilization, healthcare organizations are launching a number of initiatives to reduce opioid use.
In this inaugural edition of Healthcare Hotwire, you'll learn more about the impact of the growing opioid epidemic and initiatives among some early adopters.

  1. Opioid-Related Deaths Contribute to Change in Life Expectancy in the United States: JAMA
  2. Long-Term Opioid Prescription Use Jumps Threefold Over 16-Year Period, Large-Scale Study Suggests
  3. Study Finds Stark Increase in Opioid-related Admissions, Deaths in Nation's ICUs
  4. Collaborative Care Shows Promise for Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorders
  5. Behavioral Health Patient Engagement: Using Motivational Interviewing Techniques and Strategies To Improve Outcomes
  6. 5 Practitioner Tactics for Tackling the Opioid Epidemic
  7. Anthem Reaches Opioids Prescription Reduction Goals Two Years Early
  8. Care Coordination of Highest-Risk Patients: Business Case for Managing Complex Populations
  9. CVS Health Responds to National Opioid Abuse Epidemic With Enterprise Initiatives
  10. National Academy of Medicine Releases New Special Publication Guide to Help Health Clinicians Counter the Opioid Epidemic
  11. Social Determinants of Health: Using Empathy Interviewing To Help Care Teams Understand Factors Impacting Patient Health
  12. HealthSounds Episode: Motivational Interviewing Respectfully Dispels Social Determinant of Health Barriers

Community Partnerships

One of the keys to addressing the opioid epidemic is strong community partnerships. Are they working for you?   Tell your story.

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