The Optimal Brief | February 2021
Identity as the New Perimeter of Security
There was a time when all of a company’s data was completely on the premises. Even an employee who needed to work remotely would use a VPN to get into the company’s on-premise physical network. This was an environment with many fewer challenges to authentication security. Everyone who was in a position to access a company’s data was someone who was supposed to be there, so as long as the building’s physical security was strong, cybersecurity would be strong as well.
How to Prepare for Another WFH Quarter?
There are both positives and negatives with a work from home (WFH) centric economy. As we near the one-year mark of being on a pandemic shutdown, here are some ways you can prepare for another quarter of remote work for your business and employees.
How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme for Your E-commerce Business
Suppose your site handles sensitive data — such as customer details and payment info — which most e-commerce and business sites do. In that case, it may be necessary to install an identity access management system. 
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Gartner IAM Leaders’ Guide to Access Management
“IAM leaders focused on core AM tools should refer to the Gartner research mentioned here to understand the broadened scope, deployment approaches and adoption trends of AM tools.” Security and risk management leaders focused on IAM need to assess AM tool scope and deployment approaches and apply continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment approaches to AM.
Resource Center
Why You Need
Cloud Hosted
Virtual Directory
This presentation will discuss the benefits of cloud hosted virtual directory services and provide use cases of how the Optimal IdM team deploys, hosts, manages & monitors their signature virtual directory product, the Virtual Identity Server, in a cloud environment.
The Future of Authentication: Behavioral Biometrics, Tokenless MFA & Adaptive Authentication
Frictionless authentication by the way you type? Yes it's true. This presentation discusses how this and other Multi-factor Authentication solutions are changing the login landscape.
Forrester Wave™: Customer Identity And Access Management, Q4 2020
Optimal IdM has been positioned as a contender in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Identity And Access Management, Q4 2020.
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