The Optimal Brief | July 2020
New Optimal IdM Logo Testifies To Growth and Customer Service Commitment
The new logo represents our customer commitment to remain innovative and nimble through technology development and value-added partnership growth.
Circle of Trust, An Identity Federation Journey
What Identity Federation is, how it works, why you need it and the benefits it provides.
New Cloud Based Virtual Directory Service Released By Optimal IdM
Optimal IdM announces the first cloud based virtual directory service offering that can be hosted on any cloud platform including Azure, AWS and Google.
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Resource Center
Why You Need
Cloud Hosted
Virtual Directory
This presentation will discuss the benefits of cloud hosted virtual directory services and provide use cases of how the Optimal IdM team deploys, hosts, manages & monitors their signature virtual directory product, the Virtual Identity Server, in a cloud environment.
The Future of Authentication: Behavioral Biometrics, Tokenless MFA & Adaptive Authentication
Frictionless authentication by the way you type? Yes it's true. This presentation discusses how this and other Multi-factor Authentication solutions are changing the login landscape.
Walking The
Path To
To reach IAM maturity, businesses need a roadmap – an understanding of where they’re going and a knowledge of the milestones they should be meeting along the way.
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