The Long Drive Home - The Ord Nebraska Story
In the 1980s Ord Nebraska and its region was in peril due to the U.S. Agricultural Crisis. Farms and ranches were failing. Local businesses were closing. Residents were losing hope and like so many rural communities, Ord was headed for chronic and severe decline.

Curated by journalist Matthew Hansen, The Long Drive Home: How Bob Stowell and Allies Made Ord’s Future Better Than Its Past, captures long-time community leader Robert Stowell and the community’s journey to hope and success. This powerful story is part of the larger Ord Story Capture Collection that e2 will be featuring throughout 2022, starting with this new podcast episode where I had the privilege of chatting with Bob about this journey and the lessons it holds for other rural communities seeking prosperity.

Don Macke
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Research: How Entrepreneurship Can Revitalize Local Communities. In an eight-year Harvard Business Review research study, the authors argue that if the goal is to harness the power of entrepreneurship to revitalize impoverished places, business leaders and policymakers must shift away from a focus on scaling up, and that they must instead encourage founders to “scale deep” — that is, to grow slowly and become strongly embedded into the local economy, rather than growing as quickly and broadly as possible. This means investing not only in ventures that offer strong financial returns, but also in those that lift their communities to achieve sustained self-reliance.

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