Maximize Order Manager By Updating Your Information
Would you like a tune up to your Order Manager information? Do you want to know if what you purchase is available to order online?

Trodat Order Manager is designed to make ordering the products you sell as easy and efficient as possible. However, this depends on the information you have being as up to date and accurate as possible.

With the diverse range of products that Trodat offers, it can be easy to lose track of item changes and updates, especially when your focus is on running your business.

That's where we come in... our Order Manager team will assess your current product purchases and cross reference them to what's available on Order Manager, and help you update your records to make online ordering a breeze.

We will run a detailed sales history report that lists all of your Trodat purchases with Year-to-Date and Year End units and sales, review and make notes about items that have had item # changes or have been discontinued, plus note items such as embossing seals and supplies along with JustRite items that have to be ordered through Customer Service by contacting them at [email protected].

How do we do this?

First, we begin by running a report that lists of all the products you currently sell:
Sample customer product listing shown for illustrative purposes only.
Next, we prepare a listing of all products available on Order Manager.
Sample of Order Manager product listing for illustrative purposes only.
Then, we recap all products that have been discontinued, have received an item number change, or can only be ordered through our Customer Service department.
Sample of Order Manager product changes for illustrative purposes only.
Once completed we will send this report to you so that you may review it and if you would like we can go over it together. By using this information, we can help you update your information on all Trodat products which will ensure that you are working with the latest products and information.

Our team is also available to discuss the possibility of setting up a custom Order Manager catalog, show you some short cuts, how to import an Excel file of products, create an order template and many other things that Order Manager has to offer. 

If you are interested it is easy. Just call 800-876-3281 Ext 8518 or email me at [email protected] to get started 
Let us help you maximize Order Manager so that you can enjoy the easiest and fastest way to order Trodat products 24/7.
Rich Radebaugh