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It's the Orthodontic Deal of the Year....


Brand new Juan Ortiz hand painted limited edition cel


"Monster of a Smile"


for only $695.00 framed!!!!!

 Monster of a Smile


Monster of a Smile (2011)

Hand Painted Limited Edition Cel

Edition Size 200 +20 AP's

19 x 22 inches triple matted and framed.


Our Price: $695.00 framed.
List Price: $995.00
S & H: $40 US, International and Hawaii additional.



Top Ten (actually seven) Reasons to add "Monster of a Smile" to your collection:


1. $695.00 framed is an excellent price for a hand signed, hand numbered limited edition cel from Warner Bros. Studios.

2. "Monster of a Smile" is a dynamite looking cel that will look great matted and framed, hanging on your wall.

3. If you already own the other Juan Ortiz Orthodontic Cels, "Monster of a Smile" will absolutely enhance your collection, because...

4. features "Gossamer" a classic WB character, and a brand new character in the series.  

5. If you have a matched numbered collection, we can match your edition number.

6. This price is good on the first 60 cels ordered in this edition. We are committed to buying 60 from Warner Bros, and are trying to meet that commitment ASAP so...

7. $695.00 framed we feel this is really a no-brainer for the almost 200 collectors who own some or all of these orthodontic cels in the Juan Ortiz series.


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