SV: Nice one, that’s very understandable. Protecting the environment is big on the Stormwater VIC agenda and it’s a large part of what we do as an industry. Is there any part of your work that “sounds boring” to others, but you actually enjoy a lot? 

Mindy: I'm a policy nerd. I actually love reading and writing laws and zoning code. Figuring out how to make a regulation work is really difficult and rewarding. Writing the new ecoroof rules for downtown Portland was fun. 

SV: Great, and following on from that, what has been your favourite project and why? 

Mindy: The project I'm most proud of was updating the land use plan for the Portland International Airport and surrounding industrial lands. I worked on updating the environmental rules. The plan was the first in Portland to recognize grassland habitat and require mitigation that supports grassland wildlife, such as the streaked horned lark, which is an endangered species. 
SV: That’s so interesting; we definitely have a way to go in protecting our grassland habitat here in Victoria. And streaked horned lark, I’ll have to google image that one later. And finally, what’s your favourite stormwater/recreational spot to take your family?

Mindy: My favourite recreational spot is Mt Rainier National Park. Specifically, I love the Pinnacle Peak hike, which provides incredible views. The hike is only accessible for about 2 months, the rest of the year it's under feet of snow.

SV: Thanks heaps Mindy
If you want to know more about Mindy, she will be speaking to us in November as part of the International Keynote Showcase, to discuss the uptake of Ecoroofs and policy measures by the City of Portland.

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