Sai: There have been many interesting projects I have delivered in Victoria. However, the favourite project I was part of is the construction of Bollygum Park in Kinglake after bushfires. This place is linking local community of Kinglake and surrounds to its nature and habitat. I have gathered valuable learnings while delivering all aspects of this project following bushfires. It was really challenging to manage people during those challenging times and achieving community expectations. However, I provided the sustainable outcomes in those complex environments benefiting local community, waterways and natural habitat.

David: It’s not water related, but I did a project optimising Party Mix for the Natural Confectionary Company – that was fun for all sorts of reasons. On the water-front, Aquarevo is the standout, and I have also really enjoyed the projects we have done to develop solar and battery energy systems for remote pressure sewer installations.
SV: It seems like you both have worked on so many interesting and varied projects. During your down-time, what’s your favourite stormwater/recreational spot to take your family/friends?
Sai: My favourite recreational spots are Toorongo Waterfalls and Brighton Beach. These spots are really calming and gives me that feeling of being connected to nature and water.
David: Pre-COVID-19, I would enjoy doing Park Runs around Lilydale Lake, and when the kids were young the play equipment at Ringwood Lake was popular.

SV: Thanks again for getting involved with our webinar and dedicating your time to keeping the industry informed on current technologies.