We met with Daniel (virtually) to have a lighthearted conversation about stormwater.

 SV: Thanks again for getting involved with our seminar series. To start off, how did you get interested in Stormwater?

Daniel: I grew up by the beach, so I’d say my love for water started there. My love for stormwater and particularly stormwater quality grew through the interesting subjects I studied at University.

SV: How long have you been at Council? And What’s your favourite ‘Sounds boring’ but is actually interesting task? 

I’ve been at Council since 2014. My favourite “sounds boring” task is around data collection to keep a track of how development is tracking in the City of Casey. I love seeing the trends in the housing market and comparing that with the figures we collect. Sounds boring, but I find it very interesting 😊

SV: That does sound very interesting; being able to compare general housing market trends to what is happening on the ground currently. On the other hand, if we look at your work history, what has been your favourite project in the past?

Picking a favourite is too hard to say but a highlight is being part of stormwater harvesting and water reticulation project team, which included the construction of a 15km pipeline transferring non-potable water from the treatment wetlands to an offline storage and aquifer recharge system. The system supplied non-potable water to end users for fit for purpose use. 

SV: And finally, what’s your favourite stormwater / recreational spot to take your family to?

Anywhere in the Victorian high country with a river and a camp fire.