Message from our Treasurer, Rachelle Adamowicz
We are finally entering into summer, which is looking so promising after a winter in lockdown and over a month of no new cases. No doubt many of us have a bit of whiplash from months in lockdown, but one of the biggest takeaways for me was the power of being part of a community, even when I couldn’t spend time with my community. There was a clear demonstration from our peers that the vast majority of people were not only willing, but eager to sacrifice so much in order to keep each other safe. That is amazingly heart-warming.

We are all part of countless communities, we just need to find the thing that binds us together; it’s also easy to forget that we are a part of a stormwater community that spans far outside Australia. Which is why we brought you the Stormwater Victoria International Keynote Showcase, so that we could bring the insights, learnings and experiences from a number of impressive stormwater minds from around the world into your living room.

In the last webinar with Chris Zevenbergen from the Netherlands, he highlighted how to bring resilience into our systems, and above all, the significance of weaving adaptability into the fabric of our towns, cities and societies. There’s nothing like a global pandemic to underscore the importance of adaptability and see that people are indeed able to take immediate action. My hope is that in this last year, we’ve learnt more than just about pandemics. If we can stop absolutely everything to keep people safe from a virus, just imagine what else we could do.
Leadership Tip

'Show thankfulness and gratitude'

How did you use the blue and green spaces during the COVID-19 restrictions?
The Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership is collaborating with Monash University and EAWAG, inviting Melburnians to take part in a 20 min online survey on how they used the blue and green spaces during the Covid-19 restrictions. If interested, the online survey can be followed up with a face to face interview to explore your responses further with you.

The survey focuses on an individual’s accessibility to green and blue spaces and their thoughts on the quality of these places. If you do consent to participating, the survey responses will be aggregated and remain anonymous.

Link to the survey is HERE
EPA releases the draft urban stormwater management guidance for feedback

Over recent years, the collective and collaborative effort towards IWM has gained significant traction and industry has been calling for further stormwater reforms to support sustainable stormwater management and meet the challenges of our growing city and warming climate.

Marking a significant shift for the stormwater industry, the EPA has released the draft urban stormwater management guidance (publication 1739) for industry feedback HERE.

The draft guidance is the outcome of the Best Practice Environmental Management Guidelines (BPEM) 1999 update and proposes new flow standards for urban development across Victoria. Importantly, the draft guidance complements BPEM and adds to the state of knowledge to inform onsite stormwater interventions.

Stormwater Victoria invited our members to a dedicated discussion on the guidance document on 24 November. This short session demonstrated the high level of engagement of our industry and the importance of robust regulatory frameworks and supporting mechanisms to enable the successful adoption of flow standards.

Based on this discussion, Stormwater Victoria is preparing a submission to the EPA on behalf of our members. The submission will be available on our website once it is formally provided to the EPA. We encourage you to prepare your own feedback and send it to Sigourney.Irvine@epa.vic.gov.au by 16 December.

Stormwater Victoria is committed to advocating on behalf of its members and working with the EPA to influence flow standards that have the greatest opportunity for success.

Meet the Speaker - Ralf Pfleiderer
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