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Dovetail Reports - A Year in Review

As 2023 comes to an end, take a few minutes to catch up on any reports you may have missed.

Ongoing Biochar Research: Into Ecological and Economically Sustainable Applications in Small and Mid-size Managed Ecosystems

The Economic Importance of Credible Bamboo Certification in China

ESG 101: Information for the Forest and Wood Products Sector

Deforestation: Definitions, Trends, and Policies for Forests and Forest Products

Carbon Capture Technologies and Natural Climate Solutions: 1+1 = 3

Mass Timber and Tall Wood Buildings: An Update

LEED v4.1: Understanding the Changes and Implications for Wood Use

Old growth forests: How much is enough?

Dovetail News - A Year in Review

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The American Hardwood Export Council has Commissioned Dovetail Partners for Independent Jurisdictional Risk Assessments of 33 Hardwood Producing States

The results of the project will include providing public access to endorsed statewide risk assessments to ensure equitable nationwide access to Sustainable Hardwood Coalition (SHC) certification by the U.S. hardwood sector. The jurisdictional risk assessments (JRAs) will be completed in conformance to the SHC “Framework for Jurisdictional Risk Assessment of Legal Compliance of Hardwood Production in the USA.”

Dovetail Partners is seeking candidates for an Ely Fireshed Coordinator position

Forest Products Annual Market Review 2022-2023

U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities Provides Support for Dovetail Partners and Cambium Consulting to Explore the Potential Effects of an Expanding Forest Carbon Market 

Forestry and Wildlife Managers Collaborate on ‘Best Practices’ for Endangered Species

Circularity Concepts in Wood Construction

Biochar Factsheets and Application Guide Available from the Great Plains Biochar Initiative

Oshkigin Spirit of Fire is officially selected for the Inaugural End of the Road Film Festival

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A Year of Celebration

This year we celebrated Dovetail Partner's 20th anniversary with seasonal anniversary logos, flashback Fridays, and even a reflection piece written by one of our first associates.

Cheers to 20 years! We are looking forward to what we can accomplish in 2024 and beyond!

Anniversary Reflection

Check out our guest articles from 2023:

Workplace Well-Being: Wellness, Struggle, and Where to Start

Units in Forest Carbon Numbers: A Primer

Moving Forward with Eco-Anxiety: Acknowledge, Adapt, and Advance

Climate Smart Forestry: A Trend to Watch?

Dovetail's 20th Anniversary & First Score Club - THANK YOU!

2023 was a big milestone for Dovetail Partners - it was our 20th Anniversary!

A big thank you to the individuals and organizations who responded to our invitation to join Dovetail's First Score Club! We are grateful for your support and look forward to continuing the journey together.

Special thanks and much gratitude to:


  • Cheryl Adams
  • A William Boehner
  • Steve & Janet Bratkovich
  • Mike Carroll
  • Ed Chanin
  • Alicia Cramer
  • Paul DeLong
  • Kedren Dillard
  • Carmen & Sally Fernholz, A-Frame Farm
  • Kay & Annette Fernholz, Earthrise Farm
  • Patrick de Freitas
  • Heather Himler
  • Mark Jacobs
  • Jonathon Kemske
  • Tom & Mary Kroll, Kroll Consulting Forestry, LLC.
  • Shawn Markham
  • Jim Marshall
  • Thomas McLain
  • Gerry Mich
  • Norm Moody
  • Norman Murray
  • Pierce Cedar Creek Institute
  • Doug Rau
  • Robert Scheierl
  • Bruce Schoenberg
  • Beth Waterhouse
  • Robert Westfall
  • Adam Zoet


  • Jim & Ruth Bowyer
  • John Bradfield, Dedicated to My fellow Wood Science Graduates and my Professors at NC State University 1977-1982
  • Martha and Colin Moseley
  • Cassie Phillips
  • Elizabeth and Erik Woodworth


  • CNUC
  • Domtar
  • Jill & Charles Koosmann


  • Georgia-Pacific

..and additional Anonymous Donors.

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