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Concept Paper Examines Forest Carbon Market Impact on Forest-Dependent Communities and Forest Health

A U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities’ Grant Funds Research by Dovetail Partners in Collaboration with Cambium Consulting

A concept paper is now available to support the project “Exploring the Potential Effects of an Expanding Forest Carbon Market in the United States”. The paper explores the potential effects of an expanding forest carbon market on working forests and the communities that rely on them in the United States. 

The U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities has provided a grant to Dovetail Partners to conduct a project in collaboration with Cambium Consulting, with the goal of creating shared understanding around the potential effects of an expanding forest carbon market in the United States. The project has four distinct phases, designed to raise awareness and encourage consideration and integration of approaches to maximize positive outcomes and minimize negative impacts: development of a concept paper, a survey of stakeholders and interested parties, development of mapping strategies, and a convening workshop to be held in mid-2024. 

Concept Paper
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Environmental Justice: History and Impacts

Jackie Keegan, Dovetail Partners Research Internship, Fall 2023

This essay examines the evolution and impact of the environmental justice movement. It begins by tracing its origin and growth, highlighting key milestones, groundbreaking studies and pivotal research efforts which helped launch the movement. The essay presents three distinctive case studies of environmental injustice across the U.S: Cancer Alley in Louisiana, Love Canal in New York, and Hunter's Point in California. The analysis continues by reviewing contemporary initiatives taken to address environmental injustices, emphasizing state and federal policy reform, and the work of grassroots organizations. Finally, the essay concludes by reaffirming the urgency of comprehensive action in addressing environmental injustices.

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Check out our latest infographics on key takeaways from our reports on Old Growth Forests and Regenerative Agriculture.

We also offer infographics from our recent reporting on the topics of LEED v4.1, America's Forests: Over 100 Years, and Forest and Nature Therapy.

SFI Fire Resilience and Awareness Virtual Workshop on February 5th

Sustainable Forestry Initiative is hosting a virtual workshop on "Fire Resilience and Awareness" on February 5th 1:00pm - 3:30pm Eastern that will feature speakers highlighting best practices to address both Performance Measure 10.1 (Fire Resilience) and 10.2 (Awareness) and will include breakout sessions for smaller group discussions. Dovetail's own Gloria Erickson will participate as a speaker at the SFI workshop. 

To learn more about the workshop, click here.

Gaps in diversity representation and data insufficiencies

in the U.S. forest sector workforce analysis

This piece delves into the challenges and opportunities for the U.S. private forest sector in terms of workforce development, data management, and monitoring. Published openly through Trees, Forests, and People, the article is authored by Jaana Korhonen, Rajat Panwar, Jesse Henderson, Kathryn Fernholz, Zakiya Legget, Eliza Meyer, and Arvind A.R. Bhuta.

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