July 2020
PACE Case: Reduction in Medication Burden and Cost Savings
A 76-year-old female PACE participant has a past medical history of anxiety, cerebral vascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic pain, depression, hyperlipidemia, and type 2 diabetes. The participant's pre-intervention MedWise Risk ScoreTM is 25 out of 50 (high) .

There is Still Time to Register! The CareVention HealthCare Virtual Advisory Summit for PACE Executive Directors

Register now for the CareVention HealthCare (CVHC) second annual Virtual Advisory Summit for PACE CEOs/Executive Directors and CFOs on Thursday and Friday, July 23 and 24, 2020.

During the Summit, CVHC will share where we are and where we are going as a company, and solicit your feedback to help us hone our direction in this "new world." We will discuss remote patient monitoring/utilization management, innovation in medication safety, predictive analytics, performance improvement initiatives, and more. There will be PACE leadership networking opportunities and exciting peer-education will occur during the "It Works for Me" sessions on enrollment and growth strategies for success in the new norm and tips and techniques that have made a difference for PACE organizations. View the full, detailed agenda.

We are delighted to announce that Linda Bernardi is our featured Summit speaker!

Linda is a self-described "innovation provocateur" whose focus is on shifting organizational mindsets to enable success and build thriving cultures of innovation. Linda is a Senior Advisor for McKinsey & Company Worldwide, and has served as Chief Innovation Officer at IBM as well as EVP, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Element AI. Linda is the author of two books about innovation and disruptive technologies - ProVoke and The Inversion Factor.

We look forward to seeing you at the virtual Summit!
Working with You to Improve Patient Safety:  Pharmacist Recommendation Acceptance Rate Impact on Emergency Department/Hospital Utilization

PACE Organizations who collaborate with CareKinesis and accept clinical pharmacist recommendations benefit from significantly improved outcomes and decreased downstream utilization expenses. The data presented displays the associated impact of acceptance of recommendations on emergency department and hospitalization utilization rates.

We are proud to collaborate with PACE organizations to improve participant outcomes! For more information, contact your Client Liaison.
Special Offer for New Clients Partnering with CareKinesis

Did you know that 74% of PACE participants are prescribed at least one medication that they cannot metabolize properly? These individuals either do not have the genes needed to fully metabolize the medication or they have multiple copies that require dose reduction or alternative medication. Pharmacist-led pharmacogenomics services added to the traditional medication review can take medication therapy to the next level - precision therapy - and avoid substantial costs for payers. A recent study of 200 participants showed cost avoidance was $1.983. 1

PGx testing is a powerful tool that enables a healthcare provider to identify the most appropriate medication for a patient. The risk of Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) can be mitigated and the efficacy of a regimen optimized. PGx is a one-time test ($300 value/participant) with results securely stored in shared technology for ongoing use. Prescribers can personalize each medication regimen at the point of prescribing.

Additionally, PGx testing enhances the MedWise Risk Score™. In a peer-reviewed study of nearly 2,000 PACE participants, the odds of an adverse drug event were found to increase by 8.6% per unit of MedWise Risk Score™. Further, each unit was valued at $1,037 in medical costs, including three ED visits and two hospitalizations per 100 participants per year. CareKinesis supports the reduction in risk score to improve patient outcomes.

Contact CareKinesis today to learn more about PGx testing and this special offer.

1 Bain KT, Knowlton C, Matos A. Cost avoidance related to a pharmacist-led pharmacogenomics service for the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. Pharmacogenomics, 9 Jun 2020.  https://doi.org/10.2217/pgs-2019-0197
CareVention HealthCare 'Partner Savings Program': Special Limited Time Offer

Clients that use all four CareVention HealthCare services - CareKinesis, Capstone, Cognify | Mediture, and PeakTPA - receive 5% off eligible administrative fees PLUS CareVention HealthCare Data Analytics Tools free for the first 90 days once released.

Contact CareVention HealthCare today to learn more!
Save the Dates - CareVention HealthCare Events and Meetings

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