May 2019
PACE Case: Improved Pain Control

An 85-year-old female PACE participant with a past medical history of arthritis, neck and back pain, hypertension, insomnia, and asthma called CareKinesis seeking a pharmacist's help identifying one of her pills.

Pharmacists Concerned about Medication Errors

A recent article published in the BMC Health Services Research Journal describes the impact of implementing a hospital electronic prescribing and medication administration (ePA) system on clinical pharmacists' daily activities. While pharmacists involved in the study identified several valuable ePA features, there were concerns that some unintentionally contribute to medication errors. The pharmacists also identified a reduction in time spent with patients.

CareKinesis's EireneRx is tailored for pharmacist use and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of prescribers. Our custom-built, adaptable e-prescribing interface sets EireneRx apart from ePA systems. CareKinesis consistently works toward streamlining services without creating additional barriers for healthcare providers involved in participant care.

Networking with CareKinesis

It was wonderful seeing you at the 2019 National PACE Association (NPA) Spring Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. on April 1 - 2, 2019 and at the North Carolina PACE Association Conference in Concord, North Carolina on April 9 - 10, 2019.
We look forward to seeing you at the following events:
  • June 25 - CalPACE Passport - Tour. Taste. Toast., Sacramento, California
  • August 29 - CalPACE Affiliate Meet & Greet, Sacramento, California
  • October 13 - 16 - NPA Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana
CareVention HealthCare News

Peak Health Plan Management Services Expanding

Peak Health Plan Management Services (PEAK), a division of Tabula Rasa HealthCare's (TRHC) Capstone Performance Systems, has added four new PACE clients since January 2019, now serving nearly 40% of PACE organizations nationwide.

With decades of experience, Peak provides PACE organizations with comprehensive, cost-saving services. Peak team members administer timely claims processing and payment, accurate data submissions, new member enrollment, provider support, accounts receivable reconciliation and management, Medicare Part D submissions, coordination of benefits through Medicare or other payers, extensive standard and custom reporting, education and training, audit/compliance support, and more.

Learn more about Peak's services.

Capstone Introduces New Medicare Revenue Cycle Report

Each month PACE plans receive a Medicare Member Report (MMR) from CMS. The information is critical to a plan's bottom line, but accessing the report is difficult and the data contained is voluminous. The new Medicare Revenue Cycle Report by Capstone Performance Systems provides this information in a convenient, easy-to-understand format that highlights key indicators that can impact your program.

CareVention HealthCare Advisory Summit

Save the date for the inaugural CVHC Advisory Summit on June 20 - 21, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Moorestown, New Jersey. The program will focus on forthcoming advanced technology, analytics, personalized medicine, quality initiatives, and more. All Executive Directors of CVHC client companies are invited with the goal of networking and 'This Works for Me' client interaction on various topics, including census growth. One-one-on client meetings with CVHC's companies leadership and complimentary PGx testing will also be available. Travel and hotel expenses are sponsored by TRHC. Invitation and detailed agenda to follow. For more information, contact

Register for the TruChart User Group

Registration is now open for the annual TruChart User Group Meeting on  August 7 - 8, 2019 in Moorestown, New Jersey, at TRHC's administrative offices. The conference will provide TruChart users new ideas on how to use technology to support their organizations. The agenda will include both Mediture staff and client-led sessions focusing on TruChart, and an evening networking event. TruChart System Administrators, Executive Directors, Medical Directors, and other key team members who utilize TruChart will benefit from attending.

Please register by July 26, 2019. For additional information, contact Tara Florek at

City Sips & Capital Conversations at the 2019 NPA Spring Policy Forum

Thank you for joining us for City Sips & Capital Conversations on March 31, 2019, prior to the 2019 NPA Spring Policy Forum. CareVention HealthCare (CVHC) company's leaders shared important technology and services updates, as well as plans for future offerings. Speakers included TRHC executives Calvin H. Knowlton, BScPharm, MDiv, PhD, CEO, Chairman, and Founder; Richard O. Schamp, MD, Chief Medical Officer; Kim Browning, Executive Vice President; and Mark Friedman, Chief Technology Officer of Cognify-Mediture.
Missed a CareKinesis Webinar?

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If so, contact us for links to the recordings. If you've missed any of our past webinars,  contact us for links to the recordings.
Upcoming Webinars

  • 7 - Herbal Supplementation in the Elderly (CE Accredited Clinical Webinar)
  • 9 - EireneRx 101 Training for New PACE Team Members (Webinar)
  • 21 - Introduction to Intravenous Dilution and Administration (CE Accredited Clinical Webinar)