September 2020
September is National PACE Month!

On behalf of everyone at CareKinesis, we thank you for all that you do to improve the lives of PACE participants and their families!

CareKinesis Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Thank you to all who completed the 2020 CareKinesis Client Satisfaction Survey. Your input helps to inform our plans for the coming years. Here are a few highlights:
  • 99% of respondents rate the value of CareKinesis services as "good" to "excellent" compared to the cost.
  • 99% of respondents indicated that CareKinesis services meet their needs "well" to "extremely well".
  • 95% of respondents said that they are "satisfied" to "extremely satisfied" with our Medication Safety services (see below for details).
  • Respondents listed the following as the top three values to their organization:
    1. Medication Safety - MedWise Risk Score, board-certified pharmacist interventions, Medication Risk Matrix, EireneRx®, PGx testing, etc.
    2. Medication Access Services - MAC and other adherence packaging, home/center delivery, medication ATM, 24/7 customer support, etc.
    3. Quality Assurance - value-based contracting, Quality and Performance Improvement reporting, and programs, etc.
Results from the CareKinesis Participant Satisfaction Survey postcards will be shared in the next edition of this newsletter.

To learn more about how CareKinesis can partner with your PACE program to reduce medication-related risk while enhancing economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes, contact us at 888-9-PharmD (888-974-2763) or
Published Study Shows Substantial Cost Can be Avoided When Incorporating Pharmacogenomics in PACE

A Tabula Rasa Healthcare (TRHC) study, "Cost avoidance related to a pharmacist-led pharmacogenomics service for the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly," recently published in Pharmacogenomics, measured cost avoidance by evaluating the addition of pharmacogenomics (PGx) services to traditional medication reviews. The study was a cross-sectional evaluation of data from a previously published study titled "Implementation of a pharmacist-led pharmacogenomics service for the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PHARM-GENOME-PACE)".

This cost avoidance study randomly evaluated 200 pharmacogenomic consultations completed by CareKinesis pharmacists for PACE participants who underwent PGx testing. 

CareVention HealthCare Contracts with Central Valley PACE

CareVention HealthCare has contracted to provide multiple services to Central Valley PACE, including CareKinesis's comprehensive medication risk management services and 340B program services. CareVention will also provide electronic health records (Cognify), risk adjustment and coding (Capstone), and third-party administration (PeakTPA). Central Valley PACE is a new center located in Modesto, California and will begin enrolling participants on September 1, 2020.

Learn more about the partnership.
The CareVention HealthCare Virtual Advisory Summit for PACE Executive Directors

To those who attended the CareVention HealthCare Virtual Advisory Summit for PACE Executives on July 23 and 24, 2020 - thank you! During the Summit, CareVention HealthCare staff shared service line updates and solicited feedback from our PACE partners to help us hone our direction in this "new world." Attendees viewed presentations on remote patient monitoring/utilization management, innovation in medication safety, predictive analytics, performance improvement initiatives, and more. There were also PACE leadership networking opportunities, peer-education opportunities during the "It Works for Me" sessions, and a virtual wine tasting event featuring Robert Mondavi, Jr.

Linda Bernardi, a self-described "innovation provocateur" whose focus is on shifting organizational mindsets to enable success and build thriving cultures of innovation, was our featured Summit speaker. Linda is a Senior Advisor for McKinsey & Company Worldwide, and has served as Chief Innovation Officer at IBM as well as EVP, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Element AI. She is the author of two books about innovation and disruptive technologies - ProVoke and The Inversion Factor

If you did not get a chance to complete the event survey during the Summit and would like to provide us with feedback, please click here. We are also preparing videos of the Summit sessions and will send out access information soon.

If you were unable to attend the summit and have questions or would like access to the video
recordings of the Summit, please contact your Client Liaison.

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