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August 2023

Featured Stories

Choosing a 3D Printing Material for its Temperature-Handling Capabilities

Our choices for 3D Printing materials used to be pretty limited when it came to handling higher temperatures. But now, we don't have to choose between chocolate and vanilla. We now have a wide range of polymers that better fit a broad spectrum of applications.

Check out Pam Waterman's latest blog post on the different options available across the full line of Stratasys Additive Manufacturing Systems.

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How To Access Ansys Customer Websites

Ansys is obsessed with helping their customers get the most from their investment in simulation software, so they have a lot of different websites.

PADT's newest addition to our Ansys Support Team, Cortney Harris, created a blog post to sort out the options and provide a smile or two along the way.

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Not 1, but 3 Posts on Ansys Scripting

This month our engineers have been working away meeting the demand for more information on using various Ansys scripting tools. So we present all 3 to help your customization efforts:

PyAnsys Tutorial – Exporting Ansys Results in 3D File Formats, Part 2

A Crash Course in Ansys Mechanical Scripting

Thermal PID Controller and Thermostat: Control Your Models with 2 New Ansys Mechanical Extensions

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Customer Corner

GT Medical Wins 2023 Arizona Bioscience Company of the Year 

The Arizona Bioscience Association (AZBio) recently announced that GT Medical Technologies was the recipient of the 2023 Arizona Bioscience Company of the Year for disrupting the status quo in brain tumor treatment.

GT Medical will be receiving the award, along with other recognized companies, at the 2023 AZ Bio Awards in September.

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3D-Printed GPS Antenna a Pathfinder for Future Satellites

Lockheed Martin has qualified its first complex 3D-printed piece of hardware for spaceflight. The hardware, an omnidirectional antenna for communication relay, has been integrated onto an a GPS III satellite. The form of the new 3D-printed omni antenna is similar to its predecessor, but it’s now one solid piece as opposed to being made up of multiple parts that would otherwise need to be hand-soldered together.

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Featured Products and Services

Simulation Product

Ansys Sherlock

Ansys Sherlock automated design analysis provides fast and accurate life predictions for electronic hardware at the component, board and system levels in early design stages.

If you are simulating PCB's for structural and vibrational load, Ansys Sherlock is the tool you have been looking for.

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3D Printer

Stratasys F770

Stratasys F770 printers can handle the big jobs, with the capacity you need to build sizable parts. With a 13 cubic-foot (372 liter) build volume, there’s plenty of room to print large manufacturing tools, prototypes and end-use parts. Interested in avoiding the pitfalls of printing large parts and learning how to optimize your results?

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3D Scanning

Getting parts from the real world to the digital realm requires the right hardware, powerful software, and expertise. PADT's team as a full complement of all three and we bring to to bear in using CT, Laser, and Structured Light scanning of parts large and small.

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Videos of the



PART 1 of Unboxing the SAF Industrial Machinary Kit

SMART (Save Material & Reduce Time) support removal!

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