A Wild Ride
I’ve never been a big fan of amusement rides, especially the wild, topsy-turvy, sheer drop, hope you can find your stomach, “I think I just lost my lunch,” kind of rides. Those rides set me spinning and when I get off it takes a bit of time to regain my balance and stabilize my equilibrium. So, I avoid the rides that have signs that say things like, “You are in for a wild ride!”
As we find ourselves on the threshold of Holy Week, it seems to me that, for Jesus, it was a week-long wild ride. Think about it. It was a rollercoaster of events; dramatic emotions, shifting commitments, spiritual highs and devastating lows. Holy Week takes us to the heights of the adulation of Jesus and then plunges us to the depths of loss, defeat, (seeming) failure, and death.
I cannot begin to imagine what it must have been like for Jesus to navigate his way through this implausible series of events during this week.
The incidents and happenings of Holy Week ought to shake us. When we pick up the scriptures and read what was occurring, it can have a profound and fresh effect on us. We will feel the range of elation and devastation. We never want to become complacent or dulled by what took place. We must not forget the price Jesus paid through his suffering, pain, and torment.
Within this week is the salvation story. It is in this week that we see God’s unfolding story of redemption like never before in history. And as we look back at all the events of the Old Testament that led up to this moment, we see how God was putting the pieces of the story of our salvation together. We see how the sacrifice of Jesus was a sacrifice for all.
And when we stop and listen to God’s voice upon our heart, we hear Him call us to himself. “I love you,” God calls.
God loves me. And God loves me with a vehement love that cost Him his son. When that thought settles into my heart, my spiritual equilibrium is sent spinning. God loves me.
From the cross God says “I love you.” Does that set you spinning?
As we walk into this Holy week, let’s not miss it. Let’s be captivated afresh with a look at the “wild ride” of incidents of Jesus week. The story begins at Mark 11:1-11. I encourage you to read, pray, and listen.
I don't mean to brag, but I finished my 14-day supply of diet food in 3 hours and 20 minutes.

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The Stations of the Cross is a journey with Jesus from his trial to the cross. It is a meaningful experience that will prepare you to truly CELEBRATE Easter. Each day, from Saturday to Saturday, we will send a devotional representing a step along the journey.

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Pastor Bill Williams has decided to step down from the role of Care and Visitation Pastor. I know this comes after a great deal of prayer on their part and we have been so blessed by their ministry commitment here.
This is a second go around for them at PGCC as Bill had served here some years ago as Associate Pastor. So, many of us have known them over the years.
Together, Bill and Rhonda faithfully served as a part of our Care ministry, visiting, encouraging, building friendships, and praying for so many of us. They have been a wonderful team looking after and loving on our PGCC family. Pastor Bill has also been invaluable in the Men’s ministry through his teaching and leading.
Bill and Rhonda have been a huge encouragement to our staff and have played a significant role in helping us live out our mission and I want to recognize them for all they have invested into our PGCC family.
Personally, I want to thank them. I am so grateful for their friendship and partnership in serving Christ together. Please join with me in praying for them as they continue to follow the leading of Christ in their lives. 

Serving Christ together with you,
Pastor Scott
The Pleasant Grove Community Church
Don Andrews
Building & Grounds Liaison
Jim DesRosiers
Bob Fogt
Missions Liaison
Barbara Latter
Secretary & Personnel Liaison
Mike Reed
Treasurer & Finance Liaison
Don Woods
Vice Chair

The Union Gospel Mission
of Sacramento

The Union Gospel Mission of Sacramento is continuing to provide essential services for the homeless and the poor, with adjustments based on CDC, State and County guidelines. They offer services of food, mail delivery, showers, clothing, shoes, and essential items such as blankets, sleeping bags, tarps, backpacks, and winter gear. They are serving 100-150 bountiful hot meals from their porch every evening, and their Women’s Outreach Coordinator is working with women on a case-by-case basis to help with their needs. The Food Box Program continues to help poor families and seniors who are struggling. They plan to give away 100 Holiday Food Boxes at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.
There is good morale among the men in the Residential Rehabilitation Program and they have formed a strong commitment and bond through this crisis. Twelve men graduated in 2020 and it has been amazing to see the great progress they are making. Thank the Lord. 
Despite all of the COVID challenges, the Union Gospel Mission continues to be Jesus’ light for all who come to the mission as they share the Good News of comfort, hope and a changed life in Christ.
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