Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”
Exodus 14:13-14
Moses stood at a crossroads. The Red Sea was ahead of him blocking the way. Surrounding him were the grumbling children of Israel. And behind them the Egyptians were hot on their heels to recapture them. What to do? Could things look much bleaker?
Moses settled the Israelites down with words of comfort, courage and faith.
“Stand and watch God at work!”
We may not have faced the Red Sea, but all of us have come up against obstructions that seem impossible to navigate and found ourselves immobilized without a clear pathway forward.
Or we may be surrounded by doubters, worriers and nay-sayers that weigh us down and sap our hopes.
Beyond that, there likely are times when we feel the enemy breathing down our backs— the enemies of our shortcomings, failings and past.
What to do? Listen again to Moses words: “Do not be afraid, stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring…”
This year has brought challenges galore! I don’t think any of us at the beginning of 2020 imagined what we were in for. If we had, we might have folded up shop. We might have thought the obstacles impassable, or listened to nay-sayers, or succumbed to potential disasters. However, what I saw happen was just the opposite and, I think, quite remarkable.

Our church family, took on the roadblocks, took to creating new pathways to communicate, set out to discover innovative ways to stay connected as a community, and learned to navigate unfamiliar technological territory.
Through this year, we have seen God show up among us in unexpected and unprecedented ways. The challenges pushed us to ask how we can best meet needs given the circumstances. And with those questions came inventive, creative thinking and novel approaches to ministry that allowed us to continue to be the church in action.
We took a creative and loving approach that allowed us to celebrate the faithful lives of our people who have graduated to heaven this year. The All Saints Day service was such a blessing.
We found new ways to connect to each other. We took the church online. We found resourceful ways to do Bible studies by learning to “Zoom.” The Care Team redevised their role in doing their ministry and brought remarkable hope to all of us. We launched a new prayer outreach to the community.
God’s hand was also on us this year to hire Pastor Joe and launch a new ministry to young families even in the midst of the pandemic.
When finances fell short, like almost all church’s during this pandemic, you stepped up and met the need. Remarkable!
I could go on and on.
As I look to our future I am exhilarated. I see so many ways to continue to strengthen our Core ministry, to expand ministry to the next generation of “Boomers,” and to assist and advance in reaching the new community!
We are leaving a mark on our community for Christ! We are providing spiritual health and growth for all who are part of the PGCC family, and we are investing in the future as well.
This is an all-out effort that, as members of the body of Christ, we are all a part of, and as we continue to serve, worship and pray, God continues to brings us closer together.
I cannot thank you enough for your faithful partnership, your overwhelming generosity, and your heart to have PGCC be a church with a dynamic future!
When there are obstacles in front of us, enemies breathing down our back, and nay-sayers around us, we say…“Do not be afraid. Stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will bring!”
New Years Resolutions Edition

Pick Up Your Communion Elements
this Sunday at the Church
9-10 AM

Drive through the portico on the west side of the church and we will hand you your prepackaged communion cup(s) and wafer. Then, you can take them home and take communion as you watch this Sunday's worship service video.
You can also drop off food for our SVDP Food Collection.

The first Sunday (and week) of every month we collect food for the local St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank. Please bring by nonperishable food items and leave them in the grey tote by the west doors under the portico.

UPDATE from Pastor Joe Caples
It’s been an exciting six months since we moved in and started our ministry to the new communities in Westpark. So far, we have found our neighbors in Westpark to be extremely welcoming and eager for social connections.
We asked our friends to bring their food truck (Pasta A La Mode) to a neighborhood park to provide a safe place for neighbors to eat and enjoy community in a way that allowed for social distancing. Between the two times we hosted this kind of community event, we were able to meet more than 100 people who live close by.

We have also hosted and attended outdoor gatherings centered around pumpkin carving, a post-Halloween bonfire, and an early Christmas gift exchange with a handful of other families in our immediate neighborhood. We even were able to play a role in welcoming a newly married couple into the neighborhood. Then there are all the times we’ve played basketball in the street, joined in impromptu walks around the neighborhood, and made meaningful connections with other families at the park.
We’re excited to officially launch online Missional Communities in January. We have one group of five families that have been meeting outdoors and on Zoom since the summer. And, we have four families in our immediate neighborhood who plan to start meeting regularly together after the holidays.

Please continue to lift this ministry in prayer. We are praying for committed believers to join us in making God’s Kingdom known. We are praying for those who do not yet know Jesus to be drawn to him through our presence in the community. And, we are praying that God will use us to make his rule and reign visible in West Roseville as it is in Heaven.

BE PRAYING for Joe and Sarah and their ministry to our neighbors!
Saturday, January 16, 2021
Believe It -
God Has Confidence in YOU!

Ladies, mark your calendar for this 
New Year’s message just for YOU! 

This short, virtual event will include:
  • a sing-along with Jean Oas & Jan Percy,
  • an inspiring devotion with Lois Coady on God's confidence in you,
  • an update from Tanya Flores, After Care Counselor, from Sierra Pregnancy Center sharing more about Sierra's mission.

This videotaped session will be available on January 16 through a special Saturday email, and will be posted on our church website and YouTube channel.

The Liberti Family (Steve-husband, Dawn-wife, and Bianca & Sofia-daughters) are missionaries in Germany with Proclaim International. Their focus has been to train, equip, and mobilize God’s people to help his church grow and multiply in South Central Europe and the Balkans.

Big Change in 2021
The Libertis will be moving to Jacksonville, Florida, to take on new roles at Proclaim International headquarters. From there, Steve will continue to work with churches and teams to share the gospel in Europe and Balkans. Steve will also be expanding his role to work with other Proclaim Teams in other parts of the world including evangelistic outreach in the United States. This will mean a lot of additional travel for Steve, but will also allow for Steve and Dawn to be closer to their aging parents and their daughters who are attending Taylor University in Indiana (the alma mater of our own Pastor Phil).

Dawn will take on the duties of missionary services and donor management for Proclaim International and she will continue to serve on short term teams with Proclaim outside of the U.S.

This past month Steve has held a number of Christmas Outreach Events in Germany and Croatia.

The family has expressed their trust in God to lead them in this new chapter as Kingdom workers. Please keep them in your prayers as they begin 2021!

The Names of God: His Character Revealed
By Melissa Spoelstra

A 7-week Video Study

First & Third Tuesday each month
Two time options: 9:30am or 7:00pm

Offered ONLINE via ZOOM

Melissa Spoelstra leads women on an exploration of the many names of our triune God—from Abba to Yahweh. As we study what God’s names tell us, our ideas about God will become more grounded and create a greater trust in Him. Through the discovery of God’s names, we will discover Him!

Begins Tuesday, January 19 and ends April 20, 2021.

The cost will be $18.00 for the workbook which you can mail to the Church or bring in when you pick up your workbook the week before class.

Please RSVP to Lois at the church office, 916-771-4447, as soon as possible. 
Open to All

Led by the Rev. Dr. Marilyn Bennett

Offered ONLINE via ZOOM
Mondays, 1-2 pm
starting January 4th

Open to All. Email Marilyn at mbci123@aol.com to sign-up.
If you have never been on ZOOM, Marilyn and others will help you get connected.
Grief Share provides a caring environment to find you’re not alone as you learn to walk a “new normal” after the death of a spouse, parent, sibling, child,
or friend. This course will help you find joy in life as you
walk with God through this difficult time.

Offered ONLINE via ZOOM
we can help you learn how to use Zoom on your computer

Tuesdays, 1-2 pm
starts mid to late January

Workbook cost is $15.00

If interested, contact Kay Thomson at katie.thomson@yahoo.com
This Sunday, January 3rd, 1-2 pm

This is your last chance to say farewell to Wyley and family. You can drive through the portico on the westside of the church any time between 1-2 on Sunday. Please WEAR A MASK and STAY IN YOUR CAR.

If you have a card or gift for Wyley you can give it to him in person at this time or you can send to the church afterwards and we will send it to him.
Brandon Young
Brandon is already a familiar and appreciated member of the Worship Team, but will now be stepping into a part-time role as Interim Worship Director. After being under Wyley's mentorship, it's exciting to give him this opportunity to grow and be used by God. Brandon is a student at William Jessup University studying Christian Leadership with an emphasis in Church Ministry.
Daniel Blackburn
Daniel has been around PGCC helping us with sound during special events, but now we have brought him on as permanent, part-time staff. Daniel will operate our new digital sound board, edit and post our worship service videos, and keep our Facebook page up to date. Daniel is a student at Southern Oregon University, studying online, and majoring in Music Business. Daniel had his own music studio before Covid closed it down. He is from the Roseville area and has a growing faith in God.
Serve Lunch at St. Vincent DePaul once every two months
Join our team of PGCC volunteers who, under the direction of our coordinator, prepare and serve lunch to those who need a free meal the first Thursday of Nov, Jan, Mar, May, July, and Sept. We also need a new Coordinator for this team as our current Coordinator, Bob Claycomb, is retiring after 10 years of rewarding service. Bob will mentor you to ensure a smooth transition. If interested in joining or leading the team, contact Bob at 916-207-3254.
Available today until noon and Tuesday-Thursday next week during office hours. Outside the east office doors by the fountain.
2: Bob Burns
     Audrey Elliott
     Robert Hurst
3: Melba Kelley
4: Gloria Petersen
    Gene Koci
5: Gordon Linder
   Bill Pharaoh
6: Doris Merchant
7: Paul Engle
8: Scott Beller
9: Joanne Blake
10: Karen Yeates
11: Jeanette Gibson
12: Susan Birilli
      Mary Jane Musgrave
      Jo O’Donnell
13: Gillian Ficarra
      Ruby Naruto
14: Ken Reynolds
      Montie Bergstedt
15: Christina Kittilson 
16: Carol Evans
      Nancy Poe
19: Deloras Swinney
22: Mel Grant
      Denise Gonzales
      Galen Weber
23: Lois Coady
24: Bill Davis
      Carl Agnew
25: Catherine Cripe
      Quentin Wallerstedt
26: Jack Ellison
      Linda Huismann
27: Mike Reed
28: Phil Quisling
30: Jill Urfer
5: Chuck & Elaine Snyder
    Frank & Bunny West
7: Jim & Doris Merchant
8: Joe & Sarah Caples
17: Duane & Barby Balch
      Ron & Peggy Salmon
25: Richard & Judy Peterson
28: Murry & Esther Shohat
GIVING SUMMARY - November 2020

BUDGET: $67,500
YTD General Giving: $680,043
YTD Budget: $742,500

DEBT REDUCTION STATUS (as of December 10)
Current Loan Balance $346,342

20/20 CAMPAIGN STATUS (as of November 31)
Amount Given: $354,300
Amount Pledged: $386,368

Thank you for your faithful giving to PGCC. As you see, we are behind budget. Here is how you can help:

You can GIVE by:
  1. Mail addressed to the Church at 1730 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Roseville, CA 95747.
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