THE PULSE: SMYS's Weekly Update! Check out our latest news!  3/12/16
Show Me Your Stethoscope Weekly Report   
Hello Fellow SMYS'rs! We are trying out a periodic update feature. It will have info on the group, activities, news, cool links, and fun stuff. We want to keep you more updated on SMYS events, developments, member discounts and promotions, and behind the scenes info. If you have suggestions, feedback, compliments or complaints let us know at
SMYS For Change Update:
TWITTER PARTY TODAY 3/12 8am-3/13 8am!!!!
Tweet and retweet using #NursesTakeDC and #SMYSOfficial

Instructions and Details below. Feel free to copy tweets and tweet them out  in your name!!!
  **********Twitter Party 3/12/16*************
Nurses Across America are pushing back against unsafe staffing. We invite you to join them, for a 24 hour Twitter Party, 3/12/16 to bring awareness to this movement. Starting 3/12/16 8am – 3/13/16 8am. Your home professional organizations should support you! Let them know where you stand and invite them to stand with you!
Andrew Lopez, Speaker at the DC rally, will be available to help with additional coordination of this event. 

Suggested Tweets to join Twitter party: 

@ (insert your professional organization twitter name) Support your nurses. Safe staffing rally 5/12/16 DC and State capitols U.S.A. Please retweet TY #NursesTakeDC #SMYSOfficial

@INAAction Thank yo u for supporting your nurses & safe staffing Safe staffing rally 5/12/16 Please retweet TY #NursesTakeDC #SMYSOfficial

Nurse Champion and author Sandy Jacobs Summers for speaking at safe Staffing rally 5/12/16 Please retweet TY #NursesTakeDC #SMYSOfficial

Nurse Champion and Andrew Lopez RN, BSN for speaking at safe Staffing rally 5/12/16 Please retweet TY #NursesTakeDC #SMYSOfficial

If you decide to Tweet @ to your local state reps Go here OR Here for a list of your local Twitter state reps and their twitter contacts.
  More about S MYS For Change
Want to get involved in serious nursing issues? Want to make a differrence? Join the  SMYS for Change  Group. We have state reps for most of the country, but still looking for passionate  to help.

SMYS For Change had a Twitter event on February 27th for our Safe Staffing Initiative.   We trended for over 9 hours! Our twitter handle is @SMYSofficial. Click  twitter  to log in and follow us.
Safe Staffing Rally May 12th!
Join Us!
Click image below for more info
  It’s Flo’s birthday, and all she’s getting is this lousy t-shirt!

This exceptionally handsome shirt can be yours. Show your support for safe staffing & rock this thing everywhere you go.

Okay, it’s not a lousy t-shirt. It’s a pretty awesome t-shirt, if we may say so. (We may. It’s our website.) ICYMI, SMYS and other grassroots nursing groups are working for safer staffing ratios. One of the actions we’re taking is to head to our nation’s capitol to make our voices heard. We’re having a rally, and you’re invited! We’re even doing it on Flo Nightingale’s birthday (May 12, 2016). Read the press release with all the deets here.

To show unity, and to help defray costs of the event, we’ve put together this most excellent, most comfy shirt :

Come See Janie Speak at the Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit
Click image below for more info
Janie's Latest Blog Posts and Notes from Our Fearless leader:
Show Me Your Stethoscope isn't losing momentum, because nurses need a place to be themselves and discuss what is really going on in nursing. We have our own culture, and our accomplishments are unbelievable! From Baby Patrick's Worldwide baby shower to adopting Christmas families and donating formula to Flint, we have shown that nurses are always stronger together. 
  Comments from Jalil Johnson, our Awesome National Director, who is working tirelessly behind the scenes!
All of the SMYS Foundation divisions continue to grow. We continue seeking novel ways to provide value to our members. Special thanks to all of the members and our partners for supporting SMYS.

On a lighter note:
SMYS is going to Haiti! I need to start brushing up on my Creole!
Other News...
GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! The SMYS Family has grown by 2 little feet!
SMYS posted a few months ago about a couple looking to adopt... Thanks to you and your efforts this amazing couple adopted a beautiful baby earlier this week!  We are so happy for them! Congratulations to the happy family on their new daughter and we wish them all the happiness and joy parenthood brings.
  SMYS Medical Mission Trips
SMYS is planning 2 Medical Mission trips this Fall!! Our trip to Haiti will be in October, and a Mission Trip to Bangelesh (dates tbd).

Only 12 members can attend to each trip. If interested go to for applications and more info.
Apply here
Notes from the Admin Corner:
Good morning fellow SMYS'ers from a cold & snowy Liverpool, UK. A few notes and updates from the Admin Corner.

For a complete list of Announcements and more information Click Here

Thank you 
Community Director

Re-admitting Members Booted for Spam hacks

As you know we have had a lot of members autobooted because of ClickBait & SPAM. We have readmitted some members once they've secured their Facebook accounts, all they need to do is pm one of our Admin Crew.

Group Rules (Summary)
1. No gofundme or other fundraising links
2. No links to products of sales without admin approval
4. No religious, abortion, anti-vaccination or political discussions. 
5. Graphic anatomical images should be posted in the first comment, not in the main post. 
6. Videos & links posted must be from TRUSTED websites, such as YouTube, major news outlets, EDU or GOV
7. HIPAA. Know it. Practice it.
8. Graphic anatomical images should be posted in the first comment, not in the main post. 
9. Do not block any members of the admin team
10. Be as kind & respectful 
 11) No CNA vs. RN, LPN vs. RN,etc posts
Complete Rules Posted Here

Calling International Members

As you may have seen some of our US nurse colleagues here have joined a breakout group of The SMYS Foundation [501 (c)3] and have now organised themselves into US Regions and State lobby groups.

We are keen to set up an International Change Group, to push forward the overall SMYS mission, but to also offer support for issues affecting nurses in your own region or country.

If you interested in joining International SMYS for Change, to help identify the priorities and be part of the solution focused Change group? Message  Phillip, listing your Role, Specialty & Country.

New Members Welcome!! 
Do you have nurse or other healthcare friends, you can vouch for & who would like to join SMYS? Please pm Phillip with their details & shortcut to their facebook page. 
Hello from all  of your SMYS Admins!
Thanks for everyone's help in keeping threads from getting mean, off topic, and for help reporting inappropriate posts. We try really hard to keep up with all the posts and comments, but we don't catch everything. Your help is very appreciated! 
Please report posts to Admins, NOT to Facebook. 

Side Note from Kelley: Our Awesome admins work SO HARD, 24 hours a day to keep this page going. Thank you to our admins!!!!! Annie, Jen, J-Lo, Alex, Arnita, Sharon, PJ, Sarah, Carey, Tommy, Jay, Diana, Meg, Sarah, John, Nathan, Lori, Lisa, Maria, Julie, Katai, Phillip
Cool Posts from the Week
Check Out this Awesome Group!

Went out for a routine breakfast after our shift. When we asked for the check, the waitress told us that one of her regulars anonymously paid for our whole tab. Her mom passed last year was also a nurse at Little Company Mary, and felt her speaking through us. What a beautiful gesture. #nightshiftcrew   #emergencyroom   #lcmbase   #edrn #spammusubi  @otepsmus08 @juliehanna1207 @misgza @jordymuffin @epruett1
What happens when Janie gets sick...
 Order Here:
Show Me Your Stethoscope |
Member Benefits and Discounts! Click images below to go directly to their site
   SMYS Custom Cups from 
Giggles and Wiggles 4 You
Custom SMYS Coffee Cups Update- about half of the first order has been shipped already! You can still order! Cups are $8.50, SMYS will receive $1.50 back for each cup to support operational costs (servers, website costs). Any extra funds will go to scholarships. 
Nurse Born Products
  Help us support SMYS with your purchase of "Not Just a Nurse" Badge Reel Set. We are giving 20% of the proceeds to SMYS. Use Coupon Code Safestaffing and get Free Shipping!
Total Compression Solutions
 Total Compression Solutions has partnered with SMYS to give us a fantastic deal on Ellipsis Pro compression socks! Regular price $39, with code SMYS they are $24.50/pair. TCS will also donate $3 for each pair to SMYS charitable funds.
Use Promo Code: SMYS
SMYS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and our charitable fund has been used for programs such as Nebulizers for Bangledesh, Formula for Flint, and other Causes.
Two Trees and a Bee
  Two Trees and a Bee will donate 15% of the proceeds from each sale to Show Me Your Stethoscope.
Deeply healing, naturally made hand repair balm in an easy to carry tin. Easy to apply, just pop it open, warm it up in your hands, smooth it on! Your choice of unscented, lavender, grapefruit, and lemongrass.
Behind the Scenes... In Triage
There is a ton of other stuff happening behind the scenes at SMYS! We are working on partnerships with a bunch of companies to give our members discounts, special perks, giveaways, scholarship funds etc.

Currently we have partnerships with, TeleNurse, Akesso Shoes, and more to come!!!

We are also starting a Monthly Profile focusing on an Innovative Nurse Product or Company. 
If you have suggestions or comments for partnerships or products you would like us to consider, please let us know!