Issue 4
Getting on Board
Welcome Back!
"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion - the potential for greatness lives within each of us."
- Wilma Rudolph

As the fastest woman in the world in 1960, Rudolph was the first American female to win three gold medals in a single Olympics. As the 20 th  out of 22 siblings, and disabled for much of her early life as a result of polio, Rudolph reached her greatness through perseverance and lofty dreams. Please enjoy this weekly newsletter, brought to you with determination by Appalachian's Institute for Health and Human Services. Each issue will be unique and will include information to help combat stress, improve mental health, create training plans and nutritional goals, and provide helpful tips and local resources.
Motivation for the Moment
Positive Risks
unexpected opportunities
build self assurance
personal growth
Warm-up Tip of the week
3 tips for emotion regulation

Psychologists have found that frequent use of three emotion regulation strategies - suppression, rumination, and avoidance - are associated with a host of negative outcomes, including higher rates of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression....

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19 Highly Effective Ways to Stay Motivated

In today's competitive work environment, our greatest untapped resource may be our own motivation. But what happens when you can't find your motivation or you can't stay motivated long enough to finish a project or even keep up with daily tasks?...

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I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can.
I know I can.
-Watty Piper
Fuel Your Health
Spice it up!
9 Super Easy Camping Recipes and Tips from a Colorado Chef

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The Pace Recipes
If you don’t have a campfire to use – try these recipes in a cast iron skillet in your kitchen.
Stretch and Strengthen
with Plans and Resources to do so
ZAP Endurance is a non-profit training center for Olympic hopeful distance runners located in the High Country. However, in addition to their professional team, ZAP has been providing guidance for runners of all ages and abilities for nearly 20 years through their summer running vacations and private coaching services. Below you'll find two plans. One for beginners, intermediate and as well as a runners strength training guide.
New week means new plans!

Take advantage of tracking your workouts. Open this calendar and make a copy to keep track of what you are doing. Record reps, makes, time...log anything that will help you improve for the next day! "You are what you count." **Bonus, share your...

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HCSA Workout 1

Please enjoy this workout from Coach Erin Barcal from High Country Soccer Association. For more workouts, visit their page here:

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Disclaimer: Please use your own discretion and follow social distancing
guidelines when trying these workouts.
Calling Kids of All Ages!
Go on an outside adventure and
try to find as many things as you can.
Look these items up online if you can't get outside.
Click photo to download and print
- or - take a screenshot to use.
Ready, set, GO!
High Country Light
Things to smile about
VIDEO: Appalachian State University Students Sing 'The...

In honor of their cancelled production of Spring Awakening, students from Appalachian State University put together a video of themselves singing The Song of Purple Summer.

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Appalachian State professors
Jack Kwong (Philosophy & Religion) and Peter Fawson (Social Work) started a Facebook group called "Cookvid-19" aimed at sharing cooking, recipes and community. They have raised approximately $3,000 (and still climbing!) for the Hunger and Health Coalition and Wine to Water food boxes.
The Wrap Up
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