Issue 8
Getting on Board
Welcome Back!
"A bend in the road is not the end of the road...unless you fail to make the turn."
– Helen Keller

 The Pace newsletter, brought to you by Appalachian's Institute for Health and Human Services, was developed as an eight-week offering to help combat stress, improve mental health, create training plans and nutritional goals, and provide helpful tips and local resources to stay connected. As we slow the pace with our periodic summer issues, we hope that you will continue to read along as we highlight community health connections and all the great resources we have in the High Country.    
Motivation for the Moment
Tip of the week
Making Lemonade When Life Gives Us Lemons

I have always been curious about why, despite really tough circumstances, many people manage to take the lemons life throws at them and make them into lemonade.

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The Psychology Of Dealing With Change

Any life is a life of change. We experience transitions in work and relationships, changes in our physical and mental health, and new events in our local communities and our world.

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Fuel Your Health
Recipes to TRY and Watch
The difference a healthy diet can make, Harvard Health.

Eating a plant-based diet may help prevent heart disease.

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Stretch and Strengthen
with Plans and Resources to do so
ZAP Endurance is a non-profit training center for Olympic hopeful distance runners located in the High Country. However, in addition to their professional team, ZAP has been providing guidance for runners of all ages and abilities for nearly 20 years through their summer running vacations and private coaching services. Below you'll find two plans. One for beginners, intermediate and as well as a runners strength training guide.
New week means new plans!
Disclaimer: Please use your own discretion and follow social distancing
guidelines when trying these workouts.
Quick and Easy Stretches To Do While Sitting at Your Desk

A great routine for anyone who sits down at a desk, in front of a computer screen or TV for a long time.

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Kids Workout - 25 Minute Fun Workout

This special edition Kids Workout is for all of our Blenders and their little ones. Take breaks when you need to, and have fun!

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Calling Kids of All Ages!
Dealing With Change
Send an email and we will reply.
Tell us about a particular time when something changed. Maybe you did not like the change at first, but it ended up being good.
Ready, set, GO!
High Country Light
Things to smile about
Hallie Donadio, First GOTR Scholarship Recipient!
WHS senior Hallie Donadio is the recipient of the first Girls on the Run of the High Country scholarship. As an incoming freshman at ASU intending to major in exercise science, Donadio exemplifies the core values of the Girls on the Run program. She participated in GOTR at Cove Creek school during her 3 rd -5 th  grade years and upon reflection about her participation said, “I became more open and honest. I use the lessons learned on friendships, and how to choose friends who are positive and supportive. Even after all these years, I keep those lessons in the back of my mind and use them to make choices about who I surround myself with. I became more confident with myself and I am also more comfortable around people because I feel good about myself. I also am more open minded about life and the world around me.” Congratulations Hallie!!!
I Hear America Singing by Walt Whitman.m4a by Ashe...

Ashe County Public Library shares stories of all kinds with their patrons.

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The Seed Libraries

Housed in repurposed card catalogs, the Ashe and Watauga County Seed Libraries offer free, open-pollinated seeds to community members who can take seed packets, grow and enjoy fresh vegetables from their gardens.

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The Wrap Up
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