Recently, I toured the Blue Hole  which is considered the headwaters of the San Antonio River. This spring will flow abundantly when the aquifer is high and will equally demonstrate stingy gushes when low. In the 1940s, the spring disappeared. This disappearance unfortunately lasted 30 years! In 1973, the rebirth of the spring was noted as "the waking of Sleeping Beauty." We have been so fortunate not to have experienced this in recent times. Our water resource is  precious and comes from the Edwards Aquifer. 

Eupotamic Waters, Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 24" 2017

The color of the spring is suppose to be incredible after a replenishing rain. The day we were there it was not so spectacular, but it was cool and shady. I intend to make it back with my camera after a bountiful rain.

Our Texas summer heat is oppressive, but summer is the season to visit swimming holes. You won't be able to jump into this Blue Hole, but you just might walk away with a reverence, a sense of history, and a gratefulness for this water source. 

River Waves,  Mixed Media on Paper

If you are interested in touring the Blue Hole or volunteering for the Headwaters Foundation you can contact Alex Antram, Executive Director at at    Headwaters at Incarnate Word. Also, Carye Bye arranges the tours and events for her founded organization S an Antonio for the Curious. You can contact Carye Bye at carye@caryebye.com. She will place you on her contact list to keep you informed of upcoming events. 


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