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New Episode Now Available:

Captain Mike Bannister,
Chief Pilot of the British Airways Concorde Fleet, 1995-2003.

Jennifer Coutts Clay, a branding and interior design veteran executive of British Airways and Pan Am and author of the e-book, Jetliner Cabins.

John Lampl, a 41 year veteran British Airways executive who worked on public relations for Concorde the entire 27 years of operating service.
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Phillip Keene, a Pan Am flight attendant, Museum Board Member and Mark Carlson, author of the book, Flying on Film: A Century of Aviation in the Movies, 1912-2012. Legally blind in adulthood, he also wrote the award winning book, Confessions of a Guide Dog - The Blonde Leading the Blind.  

Dorothy Kelly, a veteran Pan Am flight attendant shares her harrowing and heroic story of survival and helping those in need.

George Hambleton, a 25-year veteran Pan Am executive and son of Pan Am co-founder and aviation pioneer John A. Hambleton.

Paul Lachapelle, a 30-year veteran Pan Am Captain.
John Marshall, a 27-year veteran Pan Am Captain and Museum Board Member

Guest: Julia Cooke, Author of the book, Come Fly the World, a Goodreads Choice Awards 2021 Nominee in History & Biography.

Guests: Pam Blaschum, a 37-year TWA flight attendant and director of the TWA Museum in Kansas City and Tyler Morse, CEO of MCR, the developer of the TWA Hotel at JFK.
Special Guests: John Reina, brother of victim Jocelyn Reina with Pan Am veterans Linda Freire and Myron "Rosie" Rosenstein

We dedicate this episode to all the 270 victims of this tragedy. 
They are remembered.  
Special Guest: Ed Trippe, the youngest son of Pan Am’s legendary founder Juan Trippe and his wife Betty Stettinius Trippe. 

Ed is the founder and chairman of our sister organization, the Pan Am Historical Foundation. 
Guest: Richard Roth, Jr.,an architect who worked closely alongside the Pan Am Building's chief architects, Walter Gropius and Pietro Belluschi. His grandfather, Emery Roth, designed many buildings such as The El Dorado, Ritz Tower, and The San Remo.
Guest: Wendy Sue Knecht, a Pan Am Flight Attendant from 1979 to 1991, She is the author of Life, Love, and a Hijacking: My Pan Am Memoir.

Guest: Captain Dave Bridges, a 37-year Pan Am veteran, retiring in 1981. He celebrated his 100th birthday in 2021 and may be one of the oldest people to be on a podcast!
Guest: Rebecca Sprecher
Pan Am Flight Attendant, 1972-1977, co-author of Flying: A Novel.

Guest: Paul Lachapelle
A 30-year veteran Pan Am 707 and 747 captain from 1955 to 1985.
Guest: Jennifer Coutts Clay Pan Am General Manager, Product Design & Development and author of Jetliner Cabins.

E-book available here
Guest: Allan Topping
Pan Am Station Manager Saigon, subject of the film “Last Flight Out” and author of Wings of Freedom: A True Story.

Margaret O’Shaughnessy Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum

John Marshall
Pan Am 747 Captain and Museum Board Member
Linda Freire
Veteran Pan Am Flight Attendant, Museum Board Chair, and Museum Director
Podcast Host:
Tom Betti
Podcast Host, Author, Historian, and Museum Board Member

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Works By Our Podcast Guests:
Life, Love, and a Hijacking: My Pan Am Memoir by Wendy Sue Knecht
Come Fly the World: The Jet-Age Story of the Women of Pan Am by Julia Cooke
Wings of Freedom: A True Story by Allan Topping
Jetliner Cabins: Evolution & Innovation E-Book App - Available on Apple, Google, Amazon
Flying: A Novel by Rebecca Sprecher and Paula Helfrich
Across the Pacific DVD
The Pan Am Museum Foundation | [email protected]
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