The Panelist: How to Get on More Panels
We’ve helped more than 170 insurance defense law firms in 37 states with panel counsel marketing campaigns. If you are looking for ideas to expand your defense practice in 2020, read the article below and let's schedule a call to talk about a business development campaign.
Panel Counsel Marketing Checklist for 2020
Marketing committee members at insurance defense law firms can utilize this “Panel Counsel Marketing Checklist” as part of their 2020 business development planning.

ABC – Always Be Communicating with Clients!

Current accounts represent 100 percent of your revenue base, so staying in touch with your existing clients is an essential form of client retention. A monthly e-newsletter is an easy way to stay top-of-mind with the carriers and companies that send you business.

Articles in your monthly e-newsletter can include legal alerts, favorable case outcomes, attorney awards or recognition, community activities, and staffing news.

Stay Current on Staffing News. Changes to the attorney roster—new hires, departures, speaking engagements, and awards—all have implications for the firm’s website and marketing materials. Plan in advance to keep everything current.

Plan Your Conferences and Events. Maintain an on-going calendar of activities scheduled for 12 months out, so that you can anticipate the investment, time and planning requirements to maximize your impact. See the article below to access the 2020 insurance defense conference calendar.

This is just the beginning! Other "must have" marketing initiatives include:

  • Expand your online visibility with LinkedIn
  • Create and maintain your target list
  • Update your pipeline report
  • Maintain your referral sources
  • Manage your marketing materials
  • Keep an eye on competitors

Click on the link to read the full article, " Panel Counsel Marketing Checklist for 2020."
2020 Insurance Defense Conference Calendar
As you plan your 2020 marketing budget, our new insurance defense conference calendar can help you to make new contacts and renew existing relationships. Find all the dates and locations for CLM, DRI, TIDA and other leading industry events scheduled for 2020. We update the calendar regularly, so bookmark the page for future visits.
Click on the link to view the 2020 Insurance Defense Conference Calendar.
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We’ve helped 170 insurance defense law firms in 37 states launch business development campaigns. We make it our business to identify who you need to contact at insurance companies, corporations, and municipalities to be considered as outside defense counsel. Contact us to discuss a new marketing campaign.