The Panelist: Marketing in a Crisis
We’ve helped more than 180 insurance defense law firms in 39 states with marketing and business development campaigns. If you are looking for ideas to manage and protect your defense practice in 2020, read the articles below and let's schedule a call to talk about how you can stay in touch with clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Five Easy Steps for Law Firm Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is the future of business development for law firms, taking us into 2021 and beyond. While digital marketing is not new, it is newly urgent due to the coronavirus threat.

It is easy to understand why digital marketing is taking the lead in business development. Just imagine the challenge of attending a networking event where there are no handshakes, everyone is wearing a face covering, and you must stay six feet away from other attendees!

New Client Acquisition: How to Attract More Business

Here are some basic insurance defense marketing steps that your law firm can take to start attracting new panel appointments:

  1. Make sure your website is attractive and up-to-date. A law firm website is the foundation for any type of marketing effort. Pay special attention to attorney bio pages, which are the most heavily trafficked pages on a law firm’s website.
  2. Pick up the pace on LinkedIn marketing, both at the attorney and the law firm levels. Start a company page, build your connections, and get more active in posting news items.
  3. Have a “firm resume” ready to make pitches to more litigation panel members. This should be a visually attractive 8-10 page PDF document that introduces the law firm, your practice areas, and attorneys.
  4. Start an e-newsletter to clients and prospects. This is very effective for client retention and works well to stay “top of mind” with your current revenue sources.
  5. Build a target list of new companies you want to serve. This will help all members of the law firm focus their marketing efforts and avoid conflicts.

We recommend an “ABC” approach to panel counsel business development … “Always be Communicating!”

Contact Margaret Grisdela at 1-866-417-7025 or via email to discuss a marketing campaign for your law firm. Click on the link to read the full article, "The Future of Business Development Post-COVID."
Schedule a Free Marketing Webinar for Your Law Firm
Two new webinars on legal marketing and business development strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic are available from Legal Expert Connections, Inc. 
LinkedIn usage has skyrocketed as networking moves to a digital realm. Now is the time to polish up your LinkedIn profile, refresh your company page, and build your visibility.

Participants will learn how to update their LinkedIn profile, manage privacy settings, and make new connections.
"The Future of Marketing & Business Development" addresses the "new normal” of digital marketing and client acquisition. Participants will learn how to protect and grow current client relationships, the five basic steps to new panel appointments, and ways to become a thought leader using content marketing.
Contact Margaret Grisdela at 866-417-7025 or by email to schedule a custom webinar for your law firm or your local defense lawyers association. There is no charge for a webinar.
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Margaret Grisdela

We’ve helped more than 180 insurance defense law firms in 39 states launch business development campaigns. We make it our business to identify who you need to contact at insurance companies, corporations, and municipalities to be considered as outside defense counsel. Contact us to discuss a marketing communications campaign.