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December 5, 2020
Principal's Page
Greetings to all of our Presentation Families,

The first week of Advent and our first week of Distance Learning is behind us. As we reflect on this week, how many roadblocks did you have to overcome? Did other lines at the grocery store or gas station move more quickly than yours? Did other people’s children navigate through Distance Learning easier than yours?

It’s human nature to notice the small irritations, but this makes it difficult for us to find joy during the Advent season and in our daily lives. It instead keeps us focused on ourselves and on how unfair life can feel rather than the gift of Jesus in our lives.

We don’t have to live that way or teach our children to only focus on things that aren’t going our way. Teaching our children to “rejoice always” even during times of struggle is important. During times like these I am reminded of this passage from the Bible: “Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I say, rejoice!” ~ Philippians 4:4. 

In his message, Paul didn’t say to rejoice about our circumstances. Instead, he meant for us to rejoice in the Lord - in His sovereign power, His unwavering goodness, and His unfailing love for us. When, despite all that is going on in our lives, we find in Him reasons to rejoice - and there are plenty if we truly look - we will know His blessings of hope and peace.

We know Distance Learning is hard. It’s hard for everyone...students, parents, teachers and all support staff. We are all making sacrifices and having to do more. Students are missing their friends and being at school. Parents are juggling and struggling with children learning at home. Teachers are up late hours prepping lessons, recording videos and also helping their own families navigate through Distance Learning. In addition, there’s the effect COVID-19 is having on everyone. We have more families in our Presentation community, both students and staff, that either have sick family members or are ill themselves. What is there to rejoice about?

God's love! We see it in the dedication of our teachers and support staff reaching out to help our students be successful. We see it amongst all of you dropping off meals and running errands for those families who are in quarantine or are sick. We see it in our students’ eyes and hear it in their laughter as they see their peers via Zoom or Google Meet. We see God’s love in the notes written, emails sent, phone calls made. We see His love in the photos of students showing their work with big and bright smiles. God is here, His love is all around us.

During this Advent season and more than ever now, we all need to coach and guide ourselves and our children to look for evidence of God’s presence in our lives. Hunt for it like a treasure, and share your findings. Send us those photos or an email. These seeds of joy will grow into even more joy. Let us all spread God’s joy this Advent season.

May God reveal to us the many reasons to praise Him and rejoice in Him, and help us to look for Him always.

Blessings to you and your family,

Sue Lovegreen, Principal

A friendly reminder:

If anyone in your household is exposed to or tests positive for COVID-19 over Thanksgiving Break or during Distance Learning, report it to the school office via email as soon as possible. We need to keep an updated running record of the health and wellbeing of our school community.

Attention Families!!

St. Nicholas came to visit Presentation early! He left treats for all of our students that will be delivered by Presentation staff members to your homes on Sunday, December 6th, St. Nicholas day. See you then!
Auction Out of Uniform Shirts are now available! Click on the image above to order yours today!
Our friends at the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence are once again inviting us to send some of our talented fourth- through eighth-grade students to the Shine On Catholic School Talent Competition!

This year’s performing arts competition will be taking video auditions from November 30-December 15, 2020. Visual arts submissions are due between January 15-30, 2021.

Consider assisting your child in registering for Shine On! To enter click on either the Performing Arts or Visual Arts Registration link below. To find out more visit

Interested in seeing the show in action? Watch last year’s show:

November 30-December 15, 2020
Submission window for Performing Arts

January 15-30, 2021
Submission window for Visual Arts

March 7, 2021
Shine On Talent and Arts Show

Performing Arts registration: 

Visual Arts registration: 
The registration links will close after the deadlines at left. Questions? Contact Sharon Wilson
Picture Retake Day Rescheduled Date!
Wednesday, January 27th
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Please note that if your child is getting retakes done, you need to return your original photos to school.

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Presentation's Gifts of Love for 2020

The Giving Tree is now on Target Registry. Visit to access. Your "Gifts of Love" bring Christmas Cheer to five Presentation families consisting of 6 adults and 13 children ranging from 9 months to 15 years old. Gas, Cub, Aldi, Walgreens, Target and Walmart cards can be purchased in $25.00 increments in leu of gifts and can be placed in the deposit box outside the parish center door. All items should be delivered to Presentation Parish for distribution by December 15. God bless your kindness.
Click on the image above for December Mental Health and Wellness Sessions with Dr. Jules Nolan.
Panther Pride Benefit & Auction: 75th Diamond Anniversary

This year, Presentation is celebrating its Diamond Anniversary. This amazing little school has been educating God’s children for 75 years. The way kids are learning today probably looks a lot different than it did 75 years ago. At the core, however, remains the faith formation and academic excellence that drives this school.

The auction committee is hard at work planning an amazing virtual event. The event will be held on February 6, 2021, culminating Catholic Schools Week. Just as the look and feel for our students in the classroom has changed over the years, the auction will look and feel different this year as well. It is still our biggest fundraiser, however, and is essential to our school’s success.  

We are currently accepting auction item donations. Please consider supporting your favorite merchants by buying a Gift Card or creating a gift basket, donating a bottle of wine, liquor or spirits, or creating an experience to share with Presentation Families. 

For more information, head over to the auction website:

Volunteers Needed!

The Auction Committee is looking for a few volunteers at this time. Please reach out to Amber Henslin at if you are able to help:

-Donations: Solicit businesses or individuals to donate auction items (restaurants, spas/salons, breweries, sports teams, retail stores, etc.) and track who you have contacted and what they are donating

Thanks in advance for supporting Presentation as we look ahead to 75 more years of excellence!
Wanted Section

Kindergarten: gently used waterproof/snow proof child-sized gloves; a volunteer that is good with fish/fish tanks to help clean the fish tank - contact Mrs. Scheppers at to arrange.

Second Grade: Packs of small paper Dixie Cups
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Our Mission: The purpose of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School is to provide a Catholic community that fosters the religious and academic development of the individual student in a safe and welcoming learning environment.
Our Philosophy: Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School creates a supportive Catholic community committed to the Gospel message that calls us to faith, service, and worship. An environment of respect, peace and justice fosters an appreciation of God’s gift of life in all people. Each student is empowered to develop their own potential, which will lead to excellence in academics, athletic activities and the fine arts.