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January 31, 2021
This weekend, two of our school families shared at Mass why they chose Presentation for their children. We wanted to share parts of their testimonials with you.
From the Davini Family: "The staff at Presentation is a group of truly incredible people. They fully dedicate themselves to the students and their academic, emotional, and physical well-being. They make being at school fun and engaging. My younger girls come home so excited to tell me about the newest superkid they met in their reading program and the new words they can recognize. My fifth grader relays to me all the cool things she learned about geography and geology and explains terms and definitions I’ve never even heard of before. I am often serenaded with songs in Spanish about how to greet someone or colors or the weather. The learning here never stops and it shows.
Every day my girls enter that building I know they are walking into a place where they are supported and respected for the unique individuals they are, and where they are also challenged to be the best versions of themselves. They not only engage in a strong curriculum, they learn and practice moral values and good citizenship every day. I’m continually impressed at the kindness and consideration these kids demonstrate. I’ve watched teenage middle school boys stop conversations with friends to happily greet and hug their preschool-aged sister. I’ve seen first graders use their free choice time to make thank you cards to staff members for no particular reason other than they wanted to brighten someone’s day. During morning health checks and afternoon carpool pick up I get numerous “thank you’s” and “have a great day” from students in every grade. These may be small acts, but they are nonetheless love in action and a glimpse into the goodness these children are bringing and will continue to bring into the world, and Lord knows we could use some more of that."

From the Josten Family: "This has been our home for a little over 13 years now and we can’t tell you how much we love it hare. Over the last 8 years that our girls have attended school here it’s grown from just a home into truly a family. The education our girls have received here at Presentation has given us everything we could have hoped for in a Catholic education, and even more. They’ve made amazing friends, they’ve had loving, wonderful teachers, this year in particular we’ve been blessed with safe in-person learning, and we’ve had wonderful role models that have modeled what it is to be a strong, faith-filled young Catholic leader starting from their eighth grade buddies continuing on through the friends that they are still making today.
A little over 4 years ago we said goodbye to a wonderful woman. My grandma Adele passed away, and we attended her funeral. Being family we sat up front. And my girls, as kindergarteners, were there right along with every step of the rosary. My great aunt was helping to lead the rosary, and I noticed that as we got into the second and third decade that she wasn’t so much paying attention to her counting, she was looking at our girls who were with her for every prayer in the rosary. When we got to the fifth decade, my aunt stopped. She walked over to my girls and said “Would you like to help me lead the rosary?” My six-year-olds stood up, in front of a crowd of people, and led the rosary for my grandmother’s funeral. That’s a memory that money cannot buy. That made every dollar we’ve invested worth what we’ve put into their education because we’ve received more back than we could’ve ever imagined.
It’s our great privilege to send our girls here, and it’s our honor to support the school, its teachers, and its students. Thank you all who have supported the school for so many years and continue to do so strongly today. We hope that at the 150th anniversary of Presentation School, our grandkids will hear stories about what it was like for Abby and Ellie to attend Presentation. We also hope that more generations of young people have access to the same amazing education that our girls have been blessed with." 
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Please note that on Monday blue and yellow/gold clothing is acceptable in place of Presentation Spirit Wear.
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Kindergarten Enrollment Scholarship Deadline!

Any kindergarteners that enroll by January 31st can earn a $250 scholarship from the Catholic School Center of Excellence (CSCOE). Visit to complete your enrollment today!
The window for Aim Higher Scholarships closes on February 20th! To apply, complete your financial aid application here and check the box for the Aim Higher Scholarship. Don't miss out on this great opportunity!
Due to the large piles of snow along the curb and ice, we will be loading one car at a time in front of the Kindergarten doors. Students are to wait on the physical distancing phrases until their car is in the safe opening. We appreciate your patience during these winter months and your help to keep our students safe.

MISF is now accepting nominations for the 2021 Private and Independent Education Awards. Nominations may be submitted by students, staff, board members, parents, school leaders, or anyone connected to the school community. 
Do you know an exceptional educator? How about the volunteer who handles lots of assignments? Who has made a difference in your community by their philanthropy? Take the time to nominate them in one of the following categories. 
Behind the Scenes
This award recognizes the quiet and essential work of an individual who supports the school outside the classroom. These individuals go out of their way to make the school environment welcoming, friendly, and caring. School staff, coaches, volunteers and other behind the scenes workers may be nominated for this award.

Community Champion
This award celebrates the work of an individual or group that has benefited a school and the community in which the school is located. Board members, donors, and other school supporters may be nominated for this award.

This award highlights an innovative or successful program that supports engagement and academic achievement for the school, students, or faculty.

This award recognizes the hard work and dedication of school heads, presidents, principals, superintendents, or executive directors.

Honor Teacher
This award recognizes that special teacher at a school, who has a passion for students and education. They're creative, innovative, fair and compassionate, and they model integrity and excellence. They are involved in their communities, and they achieve exceptional outcomes.

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Have you attended a Peace of Mind mental health and wellness session offered by our friends at the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence
Join licensed psychologist Dr. Jules Nolan with host Matt Birk for a special session via Zoom, "Parenting During Times of Uncertainty," at 6:30 p.m. February 9. It's open to all who are interested! Register at this link and share it with your family and friends! 

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Big Bang STEM Fair

CSCOE will again be hosting this extraordinary science fair in 2021 for third- through eighth-grade students! We'll start accepting submissions February 1-28. Click here to visit the website for more information.
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Kindergarten: gently used waterproof/snow proof child-sized gloves; a volunteer that is good with fish/fish tanks to help clean the fish tank - contact Mrs. Scheppers at to arrange.

Second Grade: Packs of small paper Dixie Cups
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Our Mission: The purpose of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School is to provide a Catholic community that fosters the religious and academic development of the individual student in a safe and welcoming learning environment.
Our Philosophy: Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School creates a supportive Catholic community committed to the Gospel message that calls us to faith, service, and worship. An environment of respect, peace and justice fosters an appreciation of God’s gift of life in all people. Each student is empowered to develop their own potential, which will lead to excellence in academics, athletic activities and the fine arts.