The Paragons' Mansion - Landmark
The publicly known headquarters of the Paragons, the primary heroic super-team of Titan City.

The Paragons' mansion exists to provide a place to reliably encounter the Paragons, whether as Contacts, allies or opponents. Particle lives there at least part of the time, so he and the powers of Cambion and Overclock ensure that there is always someone to greet any visitor, invited or otherwise. The Paragons use the building primarily for meetings, press conferences and teamwork training.
The building is a historic mansion built by the famed artisan Samuel McIntire in the early 1800s and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the 1970s. Its most iconic feature is a bell tower; the bell rings on some holidays and to signal an 'all clear' after a public citywide threat is neutralized. The location may or may not periodically serve as a 'dungeon crawl' event for PCs of a criminal bent.
History of the Paragons' Mansion

1800s: Martin Kilmer, a shipping magnate, commissions a mansion from the highly recommended Samuel McIntire.
1861: At the outset of the American Civil War, Martin's grandson, Steven, donates the proceeds of his lands to the war effort and leaves for the front. He is killed in action, and his brother William inherits. The incident is played up in the local press as a heroic sacrifice, and the mansion gains some notoriety.
1874: The mansion is refitted to use natural gas fixtures.
1902: The mansion is refitted to use electricity.
1975: The Kilmer Mansion is entered into the National Registry of Historic Places.
1998: The then-current resident and owner of the mansion, Perry Kilmer, is killed during Hurricane Atlas. He leaves no heir, and the estate becomes city property. Rather than auctioning it off, the decision is made to place it under minimal maintenance and open it up for tours as an historic site.
2008: The tours wane in popularity and are shut down; the mansion is effectively abandoned.
2010: Memory (aka Jennifer Coleman-Davis) purchases the mansion and has it refitted for use by the Paragons. Particle moves in, to a degree.
Current Operations:

Currently, the mansion is the Paragons' base of operations. Particle lives there part time and the Paragons, as a whole, train there and use it as a central rallying hub, as well as for press releases and the like. Other than traps for ambitious villains, there is not much there beyond comfortable surroundings, high-tech training facilities, and one of the most advanced mainframes in the world (used to monitor the city and house the Paragons’ database of phenomena that they have encountered).