September 15, 2017

Walter's post on Facebook reminded me of our conversation
Anyone else remember when 40 years seemed like a long time? Well, it's not -- not when you're talking happy anniversaries. We're celebrating 40 glorious, magical years together today, probably  
with fabulous food and wine. Then after classes wind up, a trip somewhere is planned.
Happy anniversary to us!
Walter and Patricia
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A Conversation with Walter & Patricia Wells

I found my first job through the New York Times and  Patricia and Walter found each other through the Times on Independence Day 1976.
Forty years later, thirty six in France they continue to share the same mistresses: Paris and Provence. In their new book WE'VE ALWAYS HAD PARIS...and PROVENCE: A SCRAPBOOK OF OUR LIFE IN FRANCE they tell how they invented their very special life together.
Patricia 's first book THE FOOD LOVER'S GUIDE TO PARIS revolutionized culinary writing. She actually cares about the people she meets and their work. Her innovative style celebrated the chefs, growers, wine merchants, bistro owners and reflected her passion for France and its culture that is evident in all of her subsequent projects.
Walter worked at the International Herald Tribune from 1980-2005 as an editor, managing editor and executive editor and can be frequently seen on both French and American television discussing French and American politics
We met in Paris over a glass of Clos Chanteduc, the red wine made at their vineyard in Vaison-le Romaine.
We've Always Had Paris...
For more than a quarter century, Patricia Wells, who has long been recognized as the leading American authority on French food, and her husband, Walter, have lived the life in France that many of us have often fantasized about. In this delightful memoir they share in two voices their experiences-the good, the bad, and the funny-offering a charming and evocative account of their beloved home and some of the wonderful people they have met along the way.
The Food Lover's Guide to Paris
The book that cracks the code, from the incomparable Patricia Wells. An acclaimed authority on French cuisine, Ms. Wells has spent more than 30 years in Paris, many as former restaurant critic for The International Herald Tribune . Now her revered Food Lover's Guide to Paris  is back in a completely revised, brand-new edition.
Hoist a brew for J.P. Donleavy dead at 91

Sebastian Dangerfield, the hero of J. P. Donleavy's picaresque masterwork "The Ginger Man" (1955), knew how he wanted to exit this world. "When I die," he says, "I want to decompose in a barrel of porter and have it served in all the pubs in Dublin."

Stefan Zweig - one of my all time favorite writers. 
Lina Broydo, San Jose, CA

 Thank you for your faithful readership.
Terrance Gelenter
Paris Through Expatriate Eyes