June 16, 2019 
Volume, 376
This Week's Edition Vol. 376
Study Leave
Update on Dorothy Streutker
The Jupiter Chamber Ensemble
Jubilee USA Tax Transparency
It's Complicated: A Summer Sermon Series
An Excerpt from Nate's June 9, 2019 Sermon
Upcoming Events
Improvements to Our Church
This Coming Week
Study Leave

Rev. Nate will be traveling from June 17 to June 26, taking a week of Study Leave to visit Chicago and Milwaukee, where he and his wife Kit will attend their first UCC General Synod, from June 21-25! Nate will be available by phone in the case of pastoral emergencies.
Update on Dorothy Streutker

Friday, June 14, and I'm over halfway through my radiation treatments (every day, M-F, for 6 weeks). The radiation is meant to kill any remaining cancer cells following the lumpectomy performed in March. Once again, I am blessedly free of side effects -- it seems I'm a tough old bird: even my skin is tough enough to handle the radiation without burning and blistering! And my broken leg seems thoroughly healed. I just need to keep working to strengthen my legs. I walk around the block daily, with my walker, and with Barry Cammer's help, I am able to get to church with my walker. It is good to share Sunday mornings with all of you again.
The Jupiter Chamber Ensemble Play Arensky and Taneyev
Arlington Community Church is pleased to welcome our friends, the Jupiter Chamber Ensemble, to our stage with pair of marvelous Russian piano quintets by Anton Arensky and Sergei Taneyev. Joining the Jupiter Ensemble for this performance will be virtuoso pianist, Arkadi Serper. Don't miss these remarkable artists performing in our historic and acoustically-excellent hall. 

The Jupiter Chamber Ensemble are: 
     Victor Romasevich - violin 
      Michael Jones - violin 
      Stephen Levintow - viola 
      P aul Rhodes - cello 
     With special guest: Arkadi Serper - piano 

The Program:   
     Piano Quintet in D Major, Op. 51 - Anton Arensky Piano         Quintet in G Major, Op. 30 - Sergei Taneyev

Tickets are donation only!

Jubilee USA Tax Transparency
I have shared information with the congregation in the past about the support Jubilee USA has given to promoting transparency in the formation of anonymous shell companies. Just months before Jim died we went to Iowa to learn more about this issue, and about how so many people are hurt by many anonymous companies. 

Their anonymity allows them to hide assets, engage in human trafficking and any number of other crimes. They rob developing countries of revenue which could be used to benefit the poor. And they are perfectly legal in the USA. When we get to the root causes of injustice, we make a massive difference in the lives of many. There is at last some progress in requiring the names of people or organizations that benefit from these companies. I encourage you to read the article attached and speak to your representatives.
-        Linda Young
Financial Transparency Legislation Clears House Financial Services Committee
Washington DC - A bill that requires anonymous shell companies to reveal their true owner was approved by the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday by a bipartisan vote of 43-16. The Corporate Transparency Act of 2019 (H.R. 2513) creates a federal registry and could pass the House of Representatives this year.
It's Complicated: 
A Summer Sermon Series  
Life is full of blessings that can also feel like burdens. How do we navigate situations that require all of our head and heart, and still might not have an answer?
Join us as we have fun exploring a different "complicated" topic each Sunday morning, from family to money to tradition.
June 16. "It's Complicated: Tradition."
Text: Genesis 32: 22-32. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.
June 23. "It's Complicated: Identity and Unity."
Text: Galatians 3:27-29. Rev. Dr. Melinda McLain (Mira Vista UCC) preaching.
June 30. "It's Complicated: Having a Calling."
Text: Isaiah 6:1-8. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.

July 7. "It's Complicated: Money and Privilege."
Text: Ecclesiastes 5:10, Matthew 6. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.

July 14. "It's Complicated: Family."
Text: Matthew 10, Luke 10:38-42. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.
From " It's Complicated: The Gift of Many Tongues"
Rev. Nate Klug's sermon on Acts 2: 1-21

We live in a time and a place where there is much discussion about difference.
And so much of it revolves around language...
Which languages we should speak in our schools...
Which pronouns we should use...
Which religious terms should be rescued, or re-appropriated...
And some leaders in our country, like these complainers in the crowd on Pentecost, seem obsessed with going back to a time of imaginary purity.
Back to a time, even before The Tower of Babel...
When there was one language.
And one gender dichotomy.
And one right answer.
And one skin color.
And to confirm this narrow, nostalgic view, they often point to the Bible...

Upcoming Events
Sunday June 16 @ 11:30 AM
Poems for Ordinary Time
What do we do once Easter and Pentecost have ended, and we re-enter "Ordinary Time"? Join us after coffee hour as we read a few poems that explore the spirituality of everyday experience. No poetry background needed!
Monday June 17 @ 10:00 AM
Memoir Group
Monthly Memoir Group led by Ruth Robinson in the Fireside Room. Writing Prompt:  This is the season for graduations, little kids, middle kids, big kids, adults.  What do you recall about your own high school graduation?
Sunday June 23 @ 11:30 AM
Annual Gathering Spectrum
Come to hear about our delegates' experiences at Annual Gathering the previous weekend! Learn about the keynote address from the UCC President, Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer, the resolutions focused on social justice, and more. This informal conversation will by led by Anita Baker.
Friday June 28 @ 5:00 PM
Theology on Tap
Join Rev. Nate every fourth Friday from 5-6 pm. Over a beer or soda, we'll talk about a topic related to current events, pop culture, or the life of faith. Next meeting: Friday, June 28. New location: The Junket, 235 El Cerrito Plaza, near Trader Joes.  Topic: Technology, transhumanism, and theology. Read this fascinating essay that links a Google engineer and a recovering Christian fundamentalist: https://nplusonemag.com/issue-28/essays/ghost-in-the-cloud/
Sunday June 30 @ 2:00 PM
Installation of Rev. Nate Klug
All are welcome, as we gather in the sanctuary to celebrate the covenant between Arlington Community Church and Nate! We'll have a short worship celebration with lots of music and some surprise guests, and then we'll gather for delicious food in the Social Hall. All churches from the Bay Association of the United Church of Christ will be invited, so come and connect with the wider church community.
Thursday July 4 @ 10:00 AM
ACC Booth at the One World Festival on Fourth of July in El Cerrito
        The One World Festival is a celebration of diversity on this planet.  It is located next to the El Cerrito Community Center and will include, games, music, venders, and amazing food.  ACC will have a booth at the Festival along with the Citizen's Climate Lobby. The booth will open at 10 AM on the 4th and we'll fold it up around 6 PM or a little earlier.  If you wish to take a shift in the booth, call Linda Young with your available times: 510-685-4394  or email zmom@comcast.net. One hour to three hour shifts are invited!  (Folks representing the Citizen's Climate Lobby are already scheduled to help.)    ACC will be sharing information about our Church, its upcoming activities, and about Person of the Planet. We'll have a raffle, and some little "seed" gifts and stickers to give away.   If you can't volunteer, but want to stop by, we'll be on Pomona Street.   Come on out and show our community who we are!
Improvements to Our Church

Two summer construction projects are scheduled to enhance our church building and exterior. Read more below, and keep us in prayer during this time of transition!
Roof Replacement Project
The twenty-three-year-old roof over the Sanctuary and Office area will be replaced, due to wind and rain damage. This project emerged as an urgent need after the winter. The replacement will commence July 8, and last approximately 6 weeks.
Concrete Project
Following the roof replacement project, our concrete project will start on August 19. The project will consist of replacing the retaining wall at the north end of the church, and the stairs from the patio down to the east end of the Kensington Nursery School walkway, as well and the patio itself and the wooden deck leading to it from the church Social Hall. This project is expected to last 4-6 weeks.
If you have specific questions about either project, please talk to Randy Laferte or David Hertzer.
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This Coming Week
Sun, June 16
Morning Worship
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Poems for Ordinary Time
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Mon, June 17
Memoir Group
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Bridge Night
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Sun, June 23
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Upcoming Events

Fri June 28 @ 5:00 PM
Theology on Tap

Sun June 30 @ 2:00 PM
Nate's Installation

Thurs July 4 @ 10:00 AM
ACC Booth at the One World Festival

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