Aug 30, 2023

The Partner College Weekly

TheDream.US "office" will be closed for Labor Day, Sept 4th.

PC Directory and Relationship Managers

Nothing this week.


Important Notice: Protecting Our Scholars from Scams

We have heard of at least 3 recent scams affecting some of our Scholars. The Scholars shared similar experiences where they received a deceptive email, with the college’s logo posing as a job opportunity from their college career center. 


Falling victim to this remote job scam, they faced significant financial loss.


Please take a moment to remind your students to stay cautious of unexpected job offers, especially those involving money transactions. Encourage them to verify before they trust and to report any suspicious activity immediately.


Your support in keeping our community safe is invaluable. If you come across any scams targeting students, kindly alert us. Let's work together to ensure the safety and well-being of our Scholars.

Recap & Recording: August PC Power Hour

Here is a recap of August PC Power Hour:


Best Practices for Scholar Engagement and Success through Monthly Workshops

  • Importance of Building Academic Communities and Relevant Scholar Opportunities
  • Partner College Spotlight – Oglethorpe University


DreamBuilders Internship Program:

  • Application and Criteria


Updates: Scholarship Renewals, Fall EVRs, PC Career Grants, SHPE Conference


Here is the link to the presentation and session recording here.


Connect with our guest speakers: 


Want to see past PC Power Hour Recordings and Presentations? Click here.  

Remember to Email your Scholars about Tuition Payments, Holds, and Stipends!

We are receiving numerous inquiries from Scholars who are worried about unpaid balances and stipends. Since each PC handles these processes differently, please email your Scholars about your campus process and timeline. Make sure they know that they are on your radar and you're working to process payments and avoid issues like course drops and late fees. If your Bursar’s Office sends generic outstanding payment emails, let Scholars know these don't apply to them.

Your email goes a long way at easing Scholars' anxiety! Thank you.

Apply for the Career Development Event Fund (while funds last)

Apply for up to $2,000 to host your own Career Development Event for Scholars regardless of work authorization. Events should focus on entrepreneurship, small business ownership, and contract work. 


Check out our toolkit for helpful suggestions on event structures and key learning objectives.


Funds are first come, first serve, and available until exhausted for this year. Funds can be used for food, guest speakers, alumni/student panel honorariums, or other vendor costs.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Aviles at [email protected].

Scholar Programming

2023 SHPE Convention: Grant deadline extended to Sept 1st

We are offering Professional Conference Grants for current Scholars to attend the 2023 Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) National Convention this November in Salt Lake City, UT. The application deadline is this Friday, September 1st.

TheDream.US grant will cover:

  • Conference registration fee 
  • Air/train fare 
  • 3 nights of lodging at the conference hotel 

Please share this flyer and encourage your current STEM/Social Sciences Scholars to apply here by September 1st.

DreamBuilders Internship Program has launched

The DreamBuilders Internship Program enables Alumni to host Scholar interns who are currently enrolled, with payment for the internship covered by TheDream.US.


Program Phases:

  1. Promotion to Alumni (Ongoing): We're actively promoting this opportunity to our Alumni. An initial email was sent on August 15, and you can view it here. Alumni can post internships on Parker Dewey via our program website: link.

Please promote this opportunity to your TheDream.US Alumni. 


  1. Promotion to Scholars (Starting Late August): We emailed our Scholars here urging them to apply for these internships. Details can be found in the Scholar Program Flyer. Scholars can apply for DreamBuilders Internships on Parker Dewey through this website: link.

Please promote this opportunity to your current Scholars.


Thank you for helping us promote this exciting opportunity to foster growth and success within TheDream.US community!

FYI - Emails Sent to Scholars


Returning Scholars: Back to School Reminders for Success!

To: Returning Scholars

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