February 20, 2019
The Partner College Weekly
9 Days left to submit Spring EVRs - due by Feb 28th
You should have received an email from Elena Salorio with this EVR template for the Spring/Q2 Term. There are three tabs in the template: 
1. Instructions: Instructions on EVR Process and how to complete and submit template.
2. Enter Data Here: Copy and paste the information from the PC Scholar Report and fill out the columns (following the instructions in the first tab).
3. Drop-Down Source Data: Do not make any changes on this sheet.

Please do not modify or change the template/tabs in any way, other than inputting your data on the second tab.  Upload the completed data report file no later than February 28 via this secure Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/VKyS3Qq3s2Xh5hLULYAD 
PC WEBINAR on March 7th - “Learning Circle: Helping Undocumented Students Pay for College - Learning from Higher Ed Innovators”
March 7th @ 12:00 - 1:30 PM EST

TheDream.US and The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration are co-sponsoring a Learning Circle that will cover:
  • Income Sharing Agreements: An emerging model to help DREAMers pay for their education and build a sustainable funding model 
  • Financial Aid for DREAMers: Opening Existing and New Financial and Scholarship Aid to DREAMers – Overcoming Barriers and Challenges

We will feature leaders from ASU, Colorado Mountain College, Christian Brothers University, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and Better Future Forward who will share their innovative approaches and engage the attendees in a discussion on overcoming challenges and barriers. 

Webinar Recording: "Paying for College"

On Feb 19th, we presented a webinar for Scholars on "Paying for College". We covered all the basics of college finances, such as explaining Costs of Attendance and the different types of financial aid. We gave Scholars advice, tips and resources to pay for college and to make the most of TheDream.US Award. Please share with your Scholars:

Turning Started Applications into Completed - National Round Closes Feb 28!

With less than 2 weeks before the round closes, we need to push those who applied to submit and complete their applications. 

As we've shared in the past, here are what we've learned from you all that works to turn these applicants to Scholars: 
  1. Send applicants emails and/or texts reminding them of the deadline and encouraging them to finish
  2. Work with current Scholars or staff to call the applicants and see if they need any help
  3. Invite applicants on campus and hold a workshop to review applicant's essays

You can access your college's applicant information in your ISTS Portal. Instructions can be found here: https://www.thedream.us/for-partner-colleges/

If you experience any technical issues with the ISTS site, please email our dedicated PC helpdesk: TheDream.US_Support@applyISTS.com
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