February 6, 2019
The Partner College Weekly
Spring EVRs due by Feb 28th
You should have received an email from Elena Salorio with this EVR template for the Spring/Q2 Term. There are three tabs in the template: 
1. Instructions: Instructions on EVR Process and how to complete and submit template.
2. Enter Data Here: Copy and paste the information from the PC Scholar Report and fill out the columns (following the instructions in the first tab).
3. Drop-Down Source Data: Do not make any changes on this sheet.

Please do not modify or change the template/tabs in any way, other than inputting your data on the second tab.  Upload the completed data report file no later than February 28 via this secure Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/VKyS3Qq3s2Xh5hLULYAD 
Immigrants Rising's Entrepreneurship Webinar Series  
Wondering about career options for undocumented students without DACA? Immigrants Rising's Entrepreneurship Webinar Series was created to inform immigrants—regardless of immigration status—about alternatives to employment through entrepreneurship.

Immigrants Rising Guide to Dream Centers
Immigrants Rising has published a step by step Guide to develop Dream Centers or Undocumented Student Support Programs on college campuses.