March 13, 2019
The Partner College Weekly
Submit Your Spring 2019 Graduates List by March 20
To send you graduation stoles for TheDream.US graduates and to invite them to join our Alumni Network, we ask that you please complete this Spring Graduation List template by March 20, 2019.
Be sure to read the full instructions on the first tab of the template. If you will have NO Spring graduates, please still fill out and submit the template per instructions.
Submit your completed report via this Dropbox link:
(Note: that this is a different link from the one you use to submit your EVRs)
Scholar Webinar tomorrow 3/14: "Nurturing Your Mental Health"

March 14, 7:00-8:30 PM EST
Please encourage Scholars to attend. Two psychologists with experience working with undocumented students and families will share their knowledge and resources to help our Scholars build your mental strength: Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez works at UCLA’s Counseling and Psychology Center and Dr. Luz Garcini is a Psychology Post-Doctoral Fellow at Rice University. 

Watch now: PC Webinar - “Learning Circle: Helping Undocumented Students Pay for College - Learning from Higher Ed Innovators”
TheDream.US and The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration co-sponsored a Learning Circle on March 7th that covered:
  • Income Sharing Agreements: An emerging model to help DREAMers pay for their education and build a sustainable funding model 
  • Financial Aid for DREAMers: Opening Existing and New Financial and Scholarship Aid to DREAMers – Overcoming Barriers and Challenges

CSU-San Bernadino hosts Grad School Conference for Undocumented Students

A shout out to CSU San Bernadino for hosting a Conference on Graduate School for Undocumented Students – an effective practice you can emulate! Workshops included: How to Pay for Grad School, Grad School in the Health Professions, How to Survive Grad School, and more. 

Interactive Map: Find DREAMer Resource Centers Nationwide

Colleges are opening Resource Centers to provide holistic services to Undocumented students. This map shows the centers nationwide. Click on the various sites to go to the different Resource Centers websites. To learn about how Centers were started and how they operate, listen to this webinar recording highlighting some of our Partner Colleges' Centers. 

Rutgers University Scholar releases music video, "For My Immigrants"
"As a junior at Rutgers University-Newark, Alexis Torres Machado wrote "For My Immigrants" on the heels of Donald Trump’s election. What he saw in the news didn’t reflect the people he knew or the experience he had lived, so he channeled his anger into verse."
Listen to this moving music video and read the story behind the song.